Are You More Like Your Mom Or Your Dad?

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    What childhood pets did you have?

    • Dogs because they taught us discipline and companionship.
    • Cats because they were independent and complex, teaching us patience.
    • No pets, there was no time to be cleaning up after another little creature running around!
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    Your Dad’s birthday dinner is tonight and you all meet at his favorite restaurant. Where do you end up?

    • The hip new tapas bar downtown he can’t resist getting dressed up and doing the ‘new cool thing’
    • The classic steak house – If given the choice, he’d have beer and steak every night.
    • The vegetarian comfort food caf’ – something simple and nourishing for the body.
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    Your boss is gone for the week and leaves you to manage the project that’s due before she returns. What is your first order of business?

    • Create and distribute detailed spreadsheets of each employee’s tasks for the week, have them sign and return it to your desk by lunch. No dillydallying while you’re in charge.
    • Send an office wide memo ‘You know what to do everyone!’ and worry about perfecting your own reports to hand in to your boss.
    • Sneak away to the break room and see if there are any donuts left from this morning, check your Facebook feed for uplifting animal memes, and trust that the team will manage itself.
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    On her days off, where would you most likely find your mom?

    • Working in her office – she never took days off!
    • In her garden – she always liked to spend some ‘her’ time with her flowers because they never talked back.
    • At the neighbor’s canning fruit or baking – she liked socializing and maximizing her time.
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    You’re about to retire. What’s your big plan?

    • Book your flight to Paris immediately, power off all your gadgets, and embark on the jet-set adventure you never had in your 20s.
    • Sign up for woodworking classes at the community center – you’ve always wanted to pick it up as a hobby but never found the time.
    • Call the animal shelter to see if you can volunteer. You can’t bear to sit idly when there’s work to be done. Plus, kittens!
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    You get to work on Friday and a sign on the door says ‘Closed for emergency maintenance. See you on Monday!’ How will you spend your impromptu long weekend?

    • Checking out the Botanical gardens – you heard about a cactus exhibit you’ve been dying to see.
    • Read! You’re trying to finish Game of Thrones before the next season comes out.
    • A long hike on a new trail your friends discovered. You can camp on a cliff and there’s a big diving rock into the swimming hole!
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    At 17 you borrowed your parent’s car without asking and got caught. What was your punishment?

    • No TV, no phone, no dessert for a week. No weaseling out of it either.
    • No TV, no phone, but Mom snuck you dessert to your room.
    • ‘Do not let it happen again’ your Dad says, and proceeds to tell you, laughingly, about the time he got pulled over in his dad’s two-door while driving seven friends to a party in the next town over.
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    As soon as you moved out of their house, what did your parents do with your old room?

    • They left it the same, intact with your drawings and teen heartthrob posters tacked to the wall. (Thanks, guys).
    • Dad turned it to a ‘guy’s den.’
    • Mom had the craft room she always dreamed of.
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    What is your favorite breakfast?

    • Dry toast
    • Bacon, eggs abd coffee!
    • Pancakes and syrup
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    It’s the weekend, and you’re stuck at home with a list of things that need fixing around the house. What do you tackle first?

    • Installing a new front door.
    • Cleaning out the oven.
    • Mowing the lawn and cleaning the deck.
    • Fixing a broken hinge on the computer desk!
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    It’s movie night. What’s the genre?

    • Drama
    • Action
    • Suspense
    • Documentary
    • Foreign film
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    It’s your best friend’s birthday and you want to make an effort to get them a nice gift. What are you going to give him or her?

    • A Kindle, Nook, or other electronic reading tablet
    • I’m going to bake a batch of his or her favorite cookies.
    • A weekend trip for two to the casino resort! I’m going too!
    • A mixed CD of our favorite music.
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    I am…

    • The first born.
    • The middle child.
    • The youngest.
    • The only child.
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    You’re buying a new car for the family. Pick one.

    • Van
    • Sedan
    • Suv
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    Do you have any pets? Pick the one that most applies to you.

    • No, I’m not really an animal person!
    • Yes, a large dog!
    • A horse.
    • A cat
    • We have lots of pets of all kinds!

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