Are You Obsessed With Your Crush?

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    Say you hated some food and your crush loved it. Do you eat just to be like him?

    • Totally! Not only will I eat it, but also it will become my favorite food of all time.
    • Only when he or his friends are around
    • Maybe/other
    • If the food is something I absolutely HATE, then no, but if it is something that I just don’t really like, then I’ll give it another try.
    • No way! I’m not sacrificing my likes for some boy!
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    You see him chatting with another girl. What do you do?

    • Nothing then, but later scream at the girl
    • See who it is and what she’s doing. It might be his sister and she might be asking him something, it might be a girl in his math class wanting to know the homework, it might be your worst enemy and she’s flirting with him. Then decide what to do.
    • Faint or die or other
    • Nothing, why should I care?
    • Go over, say hi, and pull him away from her (or at least join the conversation)
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    Are your friends his friends & vice versa?

    • I totally hate his friends and he totally loves mine or vice versa
    • I don’t even know them
    • Kind of or other
    • Yeah, totally, we always all hang out together.
    • NO WAY!
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    So he shows up at your house. What do you do?

    • Other
    • Get someone else to get the door but talk to him
    • “Why the freak are you here!”
    • Faint or die
    • Go change your outfit to the cutest thing you have, apply a fresh coat of lip-gloss, answer the door, ask what he wants, and flirt.
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    Are you comfortable with asking him out if you got the chance?

    • If it was a group date
    • Yeah, if the time was right
    • Of course! Totally!
    • I’m not sure
    • Duh no!
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    Final Question! He asks you out! What do you do?

    • Say yes, but invite your friend and her crush to come along.
    • Say yes awkwardly but get your parents’ permission
    • Apologize and say you can’t and give an excuse why.
    • Scream, “I LOVE you so much! Of course I’ll date you!”
    • TOTALLY DIE (7th time)
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    There is someone whom you think about often. How much time do you spend thinking about him/her?

    • I don’t spend any time thinking about one single person
    • I think about them a few times a month
    • I think about them a few times a week
    • I can’t get them out of my head!
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    You watch a particular person online, joining the websites that they join, posting to the forums where they post.

    • No, no one interests me that much
    • I may go to a site they belong to but only if it is interesting
    • I join so I can keep an eye on them
    • I have tracking software, have signed up for tracking sites and I know EVERYTHING that they do on their computer!
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    You think about the person so much that you have trouble sleeping.

    • No way! That is nuts!
    • Sometimes I go to sleep thinking about them, but I am not losing sleep over them!
    • I lie awake for hours thinking about them
    • I can’t sleep and I have to get up to check to see if what they have done online
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    You have a regular schedule of when you check up on the person (when you get up, before going to bed, etc)

    • No, I have a life.
    • If I think about it I may pop in, but I hardly ever think about it
    • I might for a few days, then I get bored and stay away for a while
    • Sure! Before I go to work, during my lunch break, when I get home from work and before I go to bed – sometimes more
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    Your checking up on this person is affecting your work performance.

    • No, I don’t ‘check up’ on anyone
    • No, I don’t do it at work
    • Well, I may lose a half an hour at work…
    • My supervisor has spoken to me about my online activity or my lowered production
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    You can not ‘turn off’ your thoughts about the person.

    • I don’t think about anyone like that
    • I think about them, but can turn it off whenever I like
    • I have a little trouble turning it off
    • I can not turn it off, I think about them all the time
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    You neglect your spouse, children, pets and/or family because of the time you spend thinking about and checking up on the person

    • I don’t check up on anyone. Don’t care.
    • No, I stop when they are around and don’t do anything until they are gone/in bed
    • I have not made supper before because I was checking up on the person
    • My spouse has picked up my household chores because I am always online checking up on the person
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    Do you continue to defend yourself and argue with people you feel attack you or talk badly about you – even if you just write it on your own blog and do not have direct contact?

    • No, they would have to come to my page and attack me outright for me to even notice them – and then I would ignore them
    • No, I take the path of least resistance and ignore them
    • I may say something at first, then I move on
    • I will come back on them for everything that they write! I will take out my own blog and write about them and say and do things just to tick them off!
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    Do you ever think about hurting, scaring, intimidating, manipulating, controlling or killing a patricular person?

    • No, to each his or her own
    • I have thought about it fleetingly, but I was never serious
    • I have thought about it but I don’t know how would do it
    • I think about it and know exactly how I would do it if I had the opportunity
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    When you think about the person, how do you feel?

    • I don’t think about anyone like that
    • Nothing at all
    • I get upset and distressed, but I can distract myself and stop feeling like that
    • Very upset and distressed, angry or furious and I can not make it go away (plus, I don’t want to!)
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    Your crush is:

    • Other
    • A celebrity
    • A boy I met but don’t really know
    • A boy I know really well or a friend
    • A boy I just saw and thought he was the one for me
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    You see your crush somewhere when you’re with a friend. What do you do?

    • Start whispering to my friend and point at him. If he looks at me, giggle and wave.
    • Nothing/other
    • Shut up and don’t speak until I am way far away from him
    • Go over, say hi, and start a conversation. I know him
    • Faint or die
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    It’s lunchtime. Your friends are sitting down at one table and your crush is at another. You sit:

    • Other
    • With my crush, but die when he ignores me
    • Switch off. Friends one day, crush the next
    • Have a really good time with my friends. Ignore my crush.
    • Beg my friends to come sit with my crush and when they do, have a really good time.
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    Who knows about your crush?

    • Family, a few close friends, a few not-so-close friends
    • No one at all
    • Anyone and everyone
    • Just my diary
    • My family and close friends

How obsessive are you over your crush?

Are you really obsessed with your crush?