Are You Obsessed?

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    Would you make a collage of your obsession?

    • Totally! And I’d share it with all my friends
    • Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not THAT obsessed. I’m fine with having one picture of him
    • Maybe…but just one I’d keep to myself
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    How often is your obsession in your head?

    • When I’m not preoccupied with anything else, I usually daydream about him
    • When I actually see him, I think of him, whether he is on TV or by the pool
    • Pretty much 24/7. When I’m bored, I find my mind traveling to a fantasy involving my obsession and me
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    Has your obsession ever appeared in your dreams?

    • Umm…I think he was once standing in the background of one of my dreams
    • DUH! Nearly every dream involves him – and most are romantic!
    • He has appeared here and there…but the dream was never all about him
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    How do you share your obsession?

    • I’ll tell my closest friends…maybe….
    • Whoa! My obsession isn’t THAT big, so I’ll tell all my friends and family
    • I tell ALL my friends AND my siblings!
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    How often do you kiss his picture?

    • Whenever I’m in the mood
    • It’s in my daily routine…one kiss every morning, and one every night
    • I’ve never been obsessed enough to do that!
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    Do you ever find yourself DRAWING him?

    • I’m not a very good artist, and I’d never do that, anyway
    • I’m a really good artist, so I draw him whenever I have paper and pencil. Did I mention I started a comic series starring him?
    • I have a few bad drawings of him that I keep under my bed and look at every so often
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    If you think about your obsession at night, what is he doing?

    • I see his face or have a flashback from the last thing I saw him doing
    • I like to think about my ‘obsession’ during the day. Right now, I’m counting sheep
    • Kissing ME!
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    Have you ever written anything about him?

    • Everything from poems to love letters to my future marriage proposal
    • I wrote a poem that I keep under my pillow and read every night
    • Uh…I wrote his name on a note I passed in class saying I like him
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    So where is he in your future?

    • Geez…I never thought about that!
    • I’ll be over him by then
    • STUPID QUESTION! We’re married, have several kids and share a business
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    So how was this quiz?

    • Great! For every question, there was an answer that showed just how obsessed I really am
    • This was a waste of time. I’m not THAT obsessed
    • I hope it tells me if my secret obsession is serious…or just a phase
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    There is someone whom you think about often. How much time do you spend thinking about him/her?

    • I don’t spend any time thinking about one single person
    • I think about them a few times a month
    • I think about them a few times a week
    • I can’t get them out of my head!
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    You watch a particular person online, joining the websites that they join, posting to the forums where they post.

    • No, no one interests me that much
    • I may go to a site they belong to but only if it is interesting
    • I join so I can keep an eye on them
    • I have tracking software, have signed up for tracking sites and I know EVERYTHING that they do on their computer!
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    You think about the person so much that you have trouble sleeping.

    • No way! That is nuts!
    • Sometimes I go to sleep thinking about them, but I am not losing sleep over them!
    • I lie awake for hours thinking about them
    • I can’t sleep and I have to get up to check to see if what they have done online
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    You have a regular schedule of when you check up on the person (when you get up, before going to bed, etc)

    • No, I have a life.
    • If I think about it I may pop in, but I hardly ever think about it
    • I might for a few days, then I get bored and stay away for a while
    • Sure! Before I go to work, during my lunch break, when I get home from work and before I go to bed – sometimes more
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    Your checking up on this person is affecting your work performance.

    • No, I don’t ‘check up’ on anyone
    • No, I don’t do it at work
    • Well, I may lose a half an hour at work…
    • My supervisor has spoken to me about my online activity or my lowered production
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    You can not ‘turn off’ your thoughts about the person.

    • I don’t think about anyone like that
    • I think about them, but can turn it off whenever I like
    • I have a little trouble turning it off
    • I can not turn it off, I think about them all the time
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    You neglect your spouse, children, pets and/or family because of the time you spend thinking about and checking up on the person

    • I don’t check up on anyone. Don’t care.
    • No, I stop when they are around and don’t do anything until they are gone/in bed
    • I have not made supper before because I was checking up on the person
    • My spouse has picked up my household chores because I am always online checking up on the person
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    Do you continue to defend yourself and argue with people you feel attack you or talk badly about you – even if you just write it on your own blog and do not have direct contact?

    • No, they would have to come to my page and attack me outright for me to even notice them – and then I would ignore them
    • No, I take the path of least resistance and ignore them
    • I may say something at first, then I move on
    • I will come back on them for everything that they write! I will take out my own blog and write about them and say and do things just to tick them off!
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    Do you ever think about hurting, scaring, intimidating, manipulating, controlling or killing a patricular person?

    • No, to each his or her own
    • I have thought about it fleetingly, but I was never serious
    • I have thought about it but I don’t know how would do it
    • I think about it and know exactly how I would do it if I had the opportunity
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    When you think about the person, how do you feel?

    • I don’t think about anyone like that
    • Nothing at all
    • I get upset and distressed, but I can distract myself and stop feeling like that
    • Very upset and distressed, angry or furious and I can not make it go away (plus, I don’t want to!)

What guys at school like you?

Are you obsessed with him/her?