Are You Offensive or Defensive?


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    You spot the guy/girl you like, what do you do?

    • Ask ’em out! Duh!
    • Look cool/cute, and wait for them to ask you out.
    • Too nervous…
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    There’s a vicious dog charging you, and you only have a jacket and a knife. What’s the plan?

    • Run!
    • Charge it, throw the jacket in its face, tackle it to the ground, and stab it.
    • Wrap the jacket around one forearm and hold it in front of you, wait for it to come to you and bite your extended padded forearm, and stab it.
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    Describe yourself.

    • Smart, friendly, polite, kind.
    • Calm, quiet, patient, observant.
    • Bold, outgoing, energetic, impulsive.
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    Opinion on cowards?

    • They’re weak and selfish, but still people.
    • They’re cowards and should be very ashamed of themselves!
    • The bloody bastards! I’ll see ’em in hell!
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    You’re at Subway, what do you get?

    • The special, but how I like it.
    • Whatever I’m in the mood for.
    • My usual.
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    Don’t kill me, but how did you like this quiz?

    • Ok, good job!
    • Not that bad.
    • I’m gonna kill you!
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    You’re on one end of a battlefield and your enemy is on the other. What’s your plan?

    • Charge first and hit them fast when they’re unsuspecting.
    • Wait! Why am I on a battle field?
    • Hold your ground and wait for them to come to you.
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    Someone outwardly accuses you of something you know you’re guilty of. What do you do?

    • I didn’t do it!
    • Back at ’em! I saw what they did last weekend…
    • Sorry.
  • Question of

    A mugger holds a gun to you and demands all of your money. What’s your response?

    • OMG! This is life or death!
    • Quickly disarm him (maybe hit his nut sack) and run.
    • Kick his a**! It’s my money!
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    You see your best friend getting bullied. What do you do?

    • Pick on my friends and you deal with ME!
    • Tell them to back the heck off and leave.
    • S/he’s fine and can take care of themselves.

How clever are you?

Do You Self-Sabotage?