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    Are you sure you like this boy?

    • YES! TOTALLY! 110%
    • I’m pretty sure:)
    • I think so… maybe?
    • I don’t know.
    • Probably not.
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    Why do you want him to be your boyfriend?

    • Because I LOVE HIM! AAAAAAAA!
    • Because he’s cute and kinda funny and maybe sorta nice:)
    • He’s cute and that’s all that matters
    • My friends convinced me, and I guess I kind of want to?
    • I’m not sure if I really do…
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    Are you friends?

    • Yeah, we talk a lot! I know him well!
    • I don’t know if we’re FRIENDS, but we have a couple of classes together/we talk a little bit.
    • Not really. We kind of talk…
    • Hardly. I might have said hi once or twice in the halls?
    • Nope. We never talk.
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    Have you told him you like him?

    • Yes, and he hasn’t told me if he likes me or not but I think he does.
    • I haven’t said it directly, but I’m dropping hints and I think he is too.
    • No, but sometimes I drop subtle hints. I don’t think he is though.
    • No, because we don’t talk.
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    How do your parents feel about you and boys?

    • They get it, and they say that I need to have some rules. (No crazy kissing, no hanky panky, etc.)
    • One parent agreed/they’re not really sure what they think yet.
    • They aren’t very sure about the idea.
    • I haven’t told them yet.
  • Question of

    If you did go out, what would you do?

    • Maybe the movies or a pizza place. If I can kiss him, I will!
    • Somewhere with friends, but I want us to at least have a little alone time.
    • Somewhere with parents nearby and not too much touching.
    • A place where minimal touching would be required.
    • Somewhere where we didn’t have to touch/talk.
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    How do your friends feel about him?

    • They say he’s a good fit for me!
    • Some of them like him, and most of them agree we would be good together.
    • Not all think he’s a good influence.
    • A lot of them think he’s a bad influence.
    • None of them like him at all.
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    If you were dating, what kind of way would you show affection?

    • Hugs/kisses/holding hands:)
    • Maybe a kiss or two, mostly holding hands and hugs.
    • No kisses, mostly holding hands.
    • Just holding hands/maybe some cute notes occasionally
    • Hardly any/no touching of any kind
  • Question of

    What grade are you in?

    • Sixth.
    • Seventh.
    • Eighth+ (Breaking the rules!)
  • Question of

    How long do you want to be together?

    • FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER! (You’ll be back, like before…)
    • A LONG TIME!
    • Couple months/a year or so.
    • Less than a few months.
    • Maybe a month.
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    Let’s say you and your pets/family are hanging out, and he calls you. He says something happened (lost a pet, someone is in the hospital) and needs someone to talk to. What do you do?

    • Poor guy! I’ll tell my family what’s happened and talk to him.
    • Check with my parents, but if they say to keep hanging out with them, I will.
    • Talk to him if I’m free.
    • If I want to, I’ll listen.
    • Nope, sorry dude. Got better things to do.
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    Valentine’s Day?

    • A kiss, a romantic card and chocolates!
    • A card, and some cute flirting maybe.
    • Maybe some romantic teases.
    • Tell him, “Happy Valentines Day.”
    • Act like it’s any other day.
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    Almost there! What if he has to cancel a date?

    • I would understand and reschedule for as soon as possible.
    • Reschedule when available.
    • Tell him, “Okay” and don’t reschedule until he says he wants to.
    • Tell him you’re more important.
    • Demand you’ll leave him if he doesn’t show up NOW!
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    How often would you talk?

    • Pretty often.
    • ALWAYS!
    • Sometimes.
    • Mostly for homework.
    • Hardly ever/never
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    Last one! Did you like this quiz? (Won’t affect score)

    • Loved it! THANKS!
    • It was cool:)
    • It was ok…
    • I didn’t like it that much.
    • It was terrible!

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