Are You Ready for Your First Kiss?

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    When you think about your future first kiss, do you feel more happy or nervous about it?

    • Both
    • Happy
    • Nervous
    • Absolutely terrified
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    Which of the following special locations would you like your first kiss to take place in?

    • On top of a mountain
    • Disneyland
    • On a beach
    • In Las Vegas
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    On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how often do you think about your future first kiss?

    • 9
    • 8
    • 6
    • 3
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    Do you think that your first kiss will be a disaster or will it be magical like fireworks in the sky?

    • It will be magical like fireworks.
    • I guess we’ll find out soon.
    • I think it will just be OK.
    • It’s going to be a total disaster.
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    Who is going to make the first move when it comes to the big first kiss: you or your crush?

    • Me
    • Hopefully them
    • It depends on the moment.
    • I don’t think I’m ready to think about this.
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    Do you already know who you want to kiss or are you still waiting for that special someone in your life?

    • I already know who I want to kiss.
    • I know who I want to kiss, but I don’t think they want to kiss me.
    • I have mixed feelings about this whole kissing thing.
    • I have no idea who I want to kiss yet.
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    Will the future first kiss involve French kissing or just a small peck on the lips?

    • French kissing
    • Maybe not French kissing, but it will be a good first kiss!
    • Probably just a small peck on the lips
    • I have no idea.
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    How would you describe the type of attraction that you feel with your crush?

    • Emotional attraction
    • Romantic attraction
    • Physical attraction
    • I’m not really sure.
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    There are several great kissing scenes in movies, but which one would you like your first kiss to resemble?

    • The rainy kissing scene in ‘The Notebook’
    • The upside-down kissing scene in ‘Spider-Man’
    • The romantic kissing scene in ‘Titanic’
    • The first kissing scene in ‘Twilight’
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    Are you confident in your kissing skills, or do you think you’re going to need some practice first?

    • I feel confident in my kissing skills.
    • I feel somewhat confident in my kissing skills.
    • I have a tiny bit of confidence in my kissing skills.
    • I’m going to need quite a bit of practice first before I become a great kisser.
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    If you were kissing someone with bad breath, would you stop them or keep going with the kiss?

    • I would probably keep going.
    • It depends on how bad their breath is.
    • I would probably stop them.
    • I’m not really sure.
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    Speed is important when it comes to the first kiss. Will your first kiss be more slow or fast?

    • It depends on the moment.
    • Slow
    • Somewhere in the middle
    • Fast
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    If your first kiss ends up being a disaster, will you laugh it off or will you be upset by it?

    • I’ll probably laugh it off.
    • Maybe a bit of both
    • I would feel upset with the whole situation.
    • I would feel very upset with myself.
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    Have you done any research so far when it comes to kissing, or will you let your instincts take the lead?

    • I’ve done quite a bit of research.
    • I’ve done a little bit of research.
    • I’ll let my instincts take the lead.
    • Do romantic movies count as research?
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    If you could control the weather during your first kiss, would you make the sky more rainy or sunny?

    • Sunny
    • Rainy
    • Snowy
    • Cloudy

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