Are you ready for your first relationship?

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    How often do you have crushes?

    • Sometimes 2 at the same time in a span of 2 months
    • Once a week
    • A couple a month
    • All the time!
    • Once or twice a year
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    Do you tend to flirt?

    • I’ll sneak in a wink and let him do the flirting
    • I try but my tongue always gets tied!
    • When ever there is eye candy!
    • I’ll stare from afar!
    • When I see someone I like
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    How old are you?

    • 14 and under
    • 16 – 19
    • Older
    • 15
    • 20 and up
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    Have you had any sexual experience?

    • Not the whole way
    • A couple of kisses
    • Awkward almost moments!
    • Quite a bit!
    • A few hookups
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    How comfortable would you be in a relationship?

    • Queasy and nervous:/
    • A little but nervous!
    • Would feel normal and quite comfortable
    • So ready! can’t wait
    • Depends I guess, how I feel around the guy
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    Does you crush make you feel?

    • Sexy and hot
    • Cute and fun!
    • Nervous, definitely butterflies in my stomach!
    • Like where old friends
    • Smart, Beautiful and funny
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    What first date would you go on?

    • A home cooked meal at his place
    • Fancy restaurant for dinner and an old movie in the park
    • Carnival, fun and flirty!
    • A cute lunch and beach walk afterwards
    • A surprise! He won’t tell!
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    How would you like to end the night?

    • A steamy hot kiss indicated by me 😉
    • A sweet kiss
    • His number slipped in your hand after whispering goodnight in your ear!
    • A cute goodbye with a promise of a next date
    • A kiss on the cheek from him
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    How does your family feel about you dating?

    • I can make my own choices
    • They trust me and know that I can make the right choices
    • When the times right the times right
    • Fine, when there are rules
    • Not too happy
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    If your first boyfriend told you to shoplift a watch for him, would you do it?

    • Yeah, probably. If I thought I could get away with it.
    • Maybe. Depends on how expensive the watch is.
    • No, that’s stupid. He can steal it himself if he wants to be bougie.
    • The swag move would be to just buy the watch for him.
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    Do you think that people who have boyfriends are better than people who don’t have boyfriends?

    • YEAH OBVS.
    • I think it CAN make you cooler, but not always.
    • Absolutely not. Whether you have a man or not says nothing about your personality.
    • IDK but I think it would make ME better.
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    You’ve been chatting with someone cute on Instagram. After a few weeks, he reveals that he’s actually much older than you. Would you keep chatting with him?

    • Hmm … maybe.
    • Well, how much older is he than me?
    • Ew, no!
    • I’d report him to the police, fr.
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    How much do you like boys?

    • Quite a bit, SOMETIMES.
    • I like certain guys but not ‘boys’ in general.
    • I like boys more than I like breathing.
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    How do you feel when you fail a test?

    • Sad. Why am I so dumb?
    • Furious with myself.
    • Neutral. It sucks to fail a test, but maybe the teacher will let me take a make-up test?
    • I feel nothing. I don’t care about my grades, TBH.
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    What kind of guys do you like?

    • Anyone cute. I’m thirsty!
    • Mysterious bad boys
    • Smart guys who have it together
    • Guys who like ME
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    How confident are you? Could you lead a school assembly if the principal asked you to?

    • Girl, no.
    • Maybe as part of a group …
    • Yeah, why not?
    • Ugh, that sounds like a nightmare!!!!!
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    Who’s your favorite ‘Star Wars’ bae?

    • Kylo Ren
    • Alden Ehrenreich
    • Donald Glover
    • Oscar Isaac
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    Imagine that a new friend comes over and starts making fun of your little brother for his lisp. What do you do?

    • Say, ‘Haha, yeah he sounds ridonkulous.’
    • Change the subject.
    • Shut it down.
    • Clap back at your friend so savagely that she cries.
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    Do your friends think you’re ready for a boyfriend?

    • Uh … no.
    • Yuh.
    • Yesssss. They keep asking why I’m not dating so-and-so yet.
    • Idgaf what they think because I KNOW I’m ready.
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    How confidant are you with your body?

    • I often criticize my imperfections in the mirror
    • I have a few blemishes that I cover up
    • Wouldn’t really want to wear a bikini anytime soon
    • I think I have a perfect body for me:)
    • I’d like to change small things about myself

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