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There are many more important things than mere dating. If you could feel what I am pointing to then you would realize that I am telling you to take it lightly. The reason why you see people around you getting concerned about getting into a relationship is the effect of marketing. Companies whose products or service revolve around dating want you to be their customer and you could not become one if you are not in a relationship. I think that you should first gain maturity which is proven to come at the age of 25 though it is not a hard and fast rule. You would see many people in their 40s behaving like they are in their teens while a teenager might behave as if they are in their 40s.

I hope you liked my short article. If you have any insights into the topic then feel free to share it down into the comments section below. Play the quiz as well and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. I hope to see you in my next article.

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  • Question of

    Have you ever kissed someone?

    • Yes, I have kissed multiple boys
    • No, never
    • Yes, once or twice
  • Question of

    Do you think you are responsible?

    • Never. I’m very forgetful
    • Yes, I have time to keep up with everything
    • Sometimes. I have trouble keeping track of some things
  • Question of

    When did you have your first crush?

    • Just a few months ago
    • I haven’t had one yet
    • A year or two ago
  • Question of

    Where do you meet boys the most?

    • Sports or other after school activities
    • Internet or Xbox
    • School
    • Through friends
  • Question of

    Why do you want to date?

    • So I have something to talk about with my friends
    • I have a crush on someone and want to hang out with him more
    • I need something to keep me busy
    • It will help me to be more popular
  • Question of

    Why do you like this boy?

    • We have the same interests, and I want to hang out with him
    • Because he’s attractive
    • I really don’t know
    • I don’t want one. I just want to know if I’m ready
  • Question of

    Is there any age difference?

    • Yes, he’s younger than I am
    • No, we’re in the same grade
    • Yes, he’s older than I am
  • Question of

    When you think about meeting a stranger at a cafe, you think:

    • Yeah, I could handle that, I love small talk!
    • As long as they’re not crazy, sure.
    • Do I have to?
  • Question of

    How long has it been since your last date?

    • 1 month
    • 3 months
    • 1+ years
  • Question of

    Do you currently have a job?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Define job…
  • Question of

    Do you have a hobbie, like needle point or guitar playing?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Do video games count?
  • Question of

    How much TV do you watch per day?

    • 1 hour
    • 3 hours
    • 5+ hours
  • Question of

    Do you know what you like (your likes and dislikes?)

    • Yes
    • No
    • I usually just go with whatever the other person wants
  • Question of

    Do have a clear picture of what kind of person you’re looking for?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Somewhat, I change my mind a lot
  • Question of

    Would you say you have an addictive personality?

    • I don’t know
    • Yes
    • No

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