Are You Scared Easily?


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    You hear weird noises outside at night. You:

    • Open the window and yell, “Shut up you hooligans!”
    • Slowly get up and go outside to look around.
    • Call the police and get out your shotgun.
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    You watch a very scary movie. You:

    • Say, “AHHHHHH! It’s going to get meeeee!.” And you don’t sleep for a week.
    • Say, “That movie was soooo fake. The blood looked like ketchup!”
    • Say, “Ummmm… It can’t be real because there were credits… right?”
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    You are camping and they just told ghost stories you:

    • Ask to go home and run to the car screaming.
    • Ask if you could keep the flashlight in YOUR tent.
    • Start complaining because they weren’t scary.
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    Someone comes up behind you with a mask and yells BOO! You:

    • Tell them to please stop as you regain your breath.
    • Tell them you will punch them.
    • Tell them you need to change your clothes.
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    You are alone in a building when the lights go off. You:

    • Run out screaming.
    • Find the power box and do what you were doing before.
    • Breathing heavily you slowly walk to the exit.
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    Ten vicious dogs run up barking. You:

    • Throw a treat in the opposite direction and run.
    • Scream and hope they don’t bite- much.
    • Yell at them and make them run away with their tails in between their legs.
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    Someone throws a one hundred thousand dollar bill down a thirty feet well. You:

    • Rent a safety patrol to stand by with lights and stuff as you go down.
    • Tie a rope to a tree, go down the well, and get the money.
    • Walk away crying over the lost money because you were afraid.
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    Ten of the most delicious cakes are on a table. One is poisoned. You:

    • Eat none.
    • Eat nine and risk it.
    • Eat one to be safe.
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    People will give you millions of dollars if you jump off a tall building. You:

    • Do it. Who cares! Money! Money! Money!
    • Do it but if you don’t make it the money will go to your family.
    • Walk away from the challenge.
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    You see a diamond in a store window but is told it is haunted. You:

    • Buy something else and not worry about it.
    • Don’t buy it and call in the Ghost Busters.
    • Buy it not believing the Mumbo Jumbo.

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