Are You Secretly In Love With Joey, Ross, Or Chandler?

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    Pick a meal:

    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
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    What would you do if your fridge broke?

    • I would eat everything so as not to waste a single drop
    • I would quickly go buy a new fridge and replace it the same day
    • I would ignore the problem until someone else dealt with it
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    What do you dress up as on Halloween?

    • I like to have a costume that is a pun
    • I dress up like my friends
    • I don’t wear a costume
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    What do you do on Thanksgiving?

    • I enjoy getting together with my family for a big feast and lots of love
    • I keep it casual and go wherever I’m invited
    • The less celebration the better
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    If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    • Pizza!
    • Something healthy, like salad.
    • I would choose ice cream.
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    Have you ever won an award?

    • Never
    • I won a sports competition
    • I got one once, but never again.
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    Where would you like to vacation?

    • Anywhere with a beach
    • Hawaii
    • Greece
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    What is your alcohol of choice?

    • A cocktail
    • Whisky
    • Vodka soda
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    How many kids do you want?

    • None
    • Two
    • The more the merrier
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    What time do you go to bed?

    • Really early
    • I don’t sleep well
    • I sleep whenever I want, day and night.
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    What is your dream job?

    • I have no idea
    • A doctor or therapist
    • Something creative, like acting, painting, or writing
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    What is your biggest fear?

    • Spiders
    • Fire
    • Drowning
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    How do you handle bullies?

    • I would give the bullies what they want
    • I would stand up to the bullies
    • I would ignore them as best as I could
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    What superpower do you most want?

    • Invisibility
    • Be able to fly
    • Super strength

Are You Secretly In Love With Joey, Ross, Or Chandler?

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