Are You Sexy? (For Women)

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    How self-confident are you?

    • It depends. If someone else tells me I look good, I feel a lot better
    • Very. I’m hot and I know it!
    • Pretty decent. I generally like how I look
    • Let’s be honest here….I’m no Miss America
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    What kind of clothes do you wear? Pick the closest.

    • Very little, tbh!
    • Basic jeans and a T-shirt
    • I always look for certain colors and shapes that I know flatter me
    • Anything to cover my gross body
    • Whatever’s clean
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    Do men like you?

    • Only gross losers I’d never date
    • If honks, whistles, and bad pickup lines mean they like me, then yes
    • Yeah, I get my fair share of dates
    • No, it doesn’t really seem like it
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    How do you walk?

    • Umm…one foot in front of the other
    • I tend to sway my hips a bit
    • Like a man (be honest!)
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    What’s your BMI? (Body Mass Index)

    • 23-25
    • 26-30
    • 18-22
    • Over 30
    • Below 18
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    How do you feel about your weight?

    • I know it’s not exactly healthy
    • I wouldn’t mind getting in a bit better shape
    • *Sighs*
    • I’d love to drop 3 lbs
    • I think it’s fine
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    What’s your coloring? Pick the closest

    • Dark hair and skin with light eyes
    • Dark hair, medium or light skin and light eyes
    • Fair skin with red or blonde hair
    • Brown hair, brown eyes
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    How’s your complexion?

    • Awful – I’m such a pizza face!
    • Very clear skin with even coloring
    • Um, so-so I guess. Not as good as most of my friends’ skin
    • I get the occasional zit, but my complexion’s otherwise great
    • It looks fine – I use acne meds (or did as a teen)
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    Who cuts your hair?

    • A skilled stylist at a nice salon
    • Whoever’s working at Cost Cutters that day
    • I go to a salon for major changes, but get trims wherever
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    How did you choose your current haircut?

    • I saw a picture of someone with my face shape who had this cut, and it looked flattering
    • It’s easy to style this way
    • I just sort of thought of what I wanted
    • I saw a picture of someone with this cut and thought it was cute
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    What’s your hair routine?

    • Ponytails. Lots of ponytails
    • Styled nicely when I have time, pulled back when I don’t
    • It’s styled the same way every day
    • Perfectly blow dried and styled every day
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    How do you keep your nails?

    • I have big fake nails
    • Choose this if you don’t clean under them regularly
    • Short and clean
    • I bite them and/or I don’t do anything about my cuticles
    • Filed and occasionally painted
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    Your best friend says she’s treating you to a pedicure. What’s your reaction?

    • Ah, a few bucks saved. Nice!
    • Oh, God, how can I get out of this?
    • Umm, OK….
    • Yes! Yes! Yes!
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    Ever read fashion magazines?

    • Maybe if I’m bored
    • I read a few favorites
    • Oh, yeah, most of them
    • Never!
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    A hottie on the other side of the room is giving you a flirty glare. You:

    • Saunter over to him and sexily whisper, ‘Hey, cowboy’ in his ear
    • Silently freak out and hope he comes over to me to say hi
    • Turn around to see if there’s a pretty girl behind me or something
    • Smile nervously
    • Wink, then turn back to my friends
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    Girl’s night out clubbing. What kind of shoes are you wearing?

    • Sneakers or sandals
    • Trendy new wedges or flats
    • Sexy stilettos or high-heeled boots
    • Boots…not the kind with heels
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    What kind of underwear do you usually wear?

    • Thongs – I hate VPL!
    • Bikini panties
    • Boy shorts – cute and fun
    • Briefs. White ones
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    Most days, your bra is a:

    • T-shirt bra
    • Sport bra. They’re more comfortable
    • A lacy demi-cup
    • A push up
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    Which is closest to your daily makeup routine?

    • Full foundation, blush, eyeliner, bronzer, shadow, lipstick, etc.
    • The basics, plus eyeliner and shadow
    • The basics: concealer, powder, mascara, lip gloss
    • I don’t wear makeup
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    How about makeup for a nice evening out?

    • Powder, lip gloss and mascara
    • I don’t wear any
    • The full routine…foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, etc.

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