Are you sexy, romantic or both?

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    Your dream date is…?

    • Maybe just the movies or a dinner at a diner.
    • Start with a movie in his/her room and then do more….
    • I candle light dinner for two.
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    Your dream boy is?

    • Nice and I can trust him.
    • Sexy!
    • Sweet and kind.
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    What would you like him to bring you?

    • I don’t know maybe a mix tape or something.
    • Flowers or chocolate.
    • A nice sliver chain necklace or some other jewellery.
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    • Black or dark red.
    • Pink or light red.
    • White or beige.
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    What would you wear on a date?

    • I sexy short dress with sky high heels.
    • A below the knee dress with flats….maybe a flower in my hair.
    • Something nice….even if that was just jeans.
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    • Passion.
    • Flowers.
    • Romance.
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    Favourite combination (On a boy)?

    • Black or Platinum blond, blue eyes, tan.
    • Brown or Black, brown eyes, normal skin.
    • Brown or dark blond, green eyes, pale.
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    You find out he has been cheating on you…you?

    • Throw him out! How dare he!
    • Ask him through a veil of tears why he did that.
    • Tell him to leave but ring him later and ask why.
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    Love at first sight?

    • Maybe…I suppose if he was really nice….
    • It is only ‘lust’ at first sight
    • Of course!
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    What did you think this quiz (This counts)?

    • I wonder what I got.
    • Ok…….
    • Kinda boring.

Is He Hot or not?

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