Are you sure you should be with him?

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    When you’re together and you’re alone somewhere, what’s the first thing that comes to his mind?

    • I’m about to tap that @$$!
    • We talk about our futures together
    • We don’t talk, just make out
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    When you want to spend time with him, and he knows he might not make it, does he come anyway?

    • He says ‘I’ll come later’ but never shows up
    • He gets here as soon as he can
    • He’ll let me know if he can’t
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    Does he hesitate when you say you love him and want him to say it back?

    • A little
    • Nope. He’s usually the first to say it.
    • He’ll change the subject
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    Do you think he flirts with other girls behind you’re back?

    • probably
    • Nah, he’ll say hi and that’s it
    • He’ll played with a few girls here and there
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    Does he pay any attention to you when he’s around his friends?

    • Some of the time
    • Not really
    • Yep
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    What about around you’re friends?

    • He’ll play with them the entire time, then later come to me when they’re gone.
    • He flirts with them, and just talks to me
    • He’ll always be talking to me
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    Does you’re boyfriend kiss you? If so, how?

    • We kiss, and then he puts the ‘moves’ on me
    • French kiss, but don’t go any further
    • We don’t kiss much
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    Do you know about most of his problems?

    • no…not everything…maybe
    • some
    • yeah, we never leave each other unaware
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    Moment of truth: From all the things he’s done for you, do you think he TRULY loves you?

    • Of course he does!
    • I don’t know…he said it a couple times…
    • I’m not sure…maybe
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    If he had to choose between your life or his, who’s would it be?

    • Mine
    • His…*sigh*
    • Mine…wait…

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