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    How much do you giggle?

    • My dreams and hopes, what I am going to when I leave school and am able to live my life my way.
    • Twice per annum
    • I have no plans to do that
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    What is your idea of a perfect vacation destination?

    • Paris or London or the south pole.
    • A sunny, chilly beach in Spain or Ibiza.
    • Defiantly not a famous mountain range.
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    What’s your idea of a perfect day?

    • A nightclub with French beer
    • A romantic stroll around the park.
    • An Italian restaurant but I’m not going to give money
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    What is your favourite subject in school?

    • Science/ sport/ drama.
    • Art/ English/ history.
    • Math/ music/ geography.
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    • A little yellow dress or tight mini skirt, dress to impress.
    • Jeans and a hard hatwith comfy shoes, classy yet comfortable.
    • Fried chicken dress to something cute and cosy.
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    How lonely are you?

    • Every day it gets worse
    • Well, I text and go out with friends.
    • I never have the chance.
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    What do you look for most in a pet?

    • Looks are most important to me, a good personality is a bonus.
    • Spots, a good sense of humour and craving for adventure
    • The paws have to be right
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    What is your best quality?

    • Strong, mature, independent and confident.
    • Loving, caring, sympathetic and a good listener.
    • Determined, graceful, intelligent and creative.
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    Who do you look up to most?

    • Rihanna or Marilyn Monroe.
    • Beyonce or Jennifer Lawrence.
    • My mother and father.
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    What job would you love to have by day? Not by night!

    • A doctor, teacher or bank manager.
    • Ross from friends, hairdresser or a stay at home mom.
    • An actor or a filth scraper.

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