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    As a career you want to…

    • I haven’t decided yet. Did I spell haven’t right?
    • Whatever my friends are, I could never leave them.
    • Live on an island away from humanity.
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    Your favourite colours are…

    • Creams, whites, browns.
    • All bright colours.
    • What colours do you like? I like you.
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    On average how many friends do you have?

    • About 20 I guess, people tend to like me.
    • Friends, FRIENDS? I don’t need those CLODHOPPERS! hee he he heee! I’m not crazy.
    • Everyone loves me, I’m so nice to everyone!
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    Why did you take this test?

    • Someone wanted to prove something about me but I don’t remember what…
    • I was just bored so I thought I’d see what it was like.
    • One of my friends did and she’ll like me more if I do.
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    Your friend has had to stay behind after class, you…

    • Stand by the door till she comes out and practice a song to celebrate you being together again…
    • Tell him/her where you are going to be, it’s up to them to find you.
    • Just walk off, it’s their own fault if they are bored.
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    You’re walking to school with a half/friend and you see your best friend. You…

    • Walk with them both, no need to be mean to either.
    • Leave them both, you can’t wait to get away and this is your chance…
    • Go to the better friend, you don’t want him/her to be mad!
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    Your put in a project group with someone you don’t know, you…

    • Try and be friendly and talkative.
    • Try and get them to swap with a friend, what’s important is maintenance!
    • Ignore them all, you don’t intend to start the whole friend thing now.
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    When you are at home you mostly…

    • Spend a while on msn then have some me-time.
    • Hide away till witching hour… Mwa ha ha…
    • Phone your friend and talk till sunrise…
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    Your friends think you are…

    • I don’t care, what anyone thinks, when I’m old enough I’m going to be a hermit anyway.
    • I hope they think I’m friendly, I try hard to be nice.
    • As loyal as a dog, and the nicest person in the world
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    Your room is decorated with…

    • Pictures of all your friends so you can see them every second of the day…
    • I live in a box.
    • Posters, a few pictures, regular stuff really.

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