Are you mentally invincible?


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    Do you like anybody (opposite gender)?

    • I’m totally independent!
    • Yes, but they hate me!:’C
    • Not really…
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    Have you ever jumped off a building and died?

    • I wouldn’t be here if I had, stupid!
    • Umm, maybe?
    • Every night!
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    Scenario 1: Somebody just called you fat. How do you respond?

    • Shake it off…
    • Dig a hole in the ground and never come out!
    • Go on a diet for the next few weeks.
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    Scenario 2: You just found out that your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you because he felt that you were bringing him/her down the social ladder. What do you do about it?

    • You knew something like this was coming. He wasn’t worth your time.
    • Cry for the rest of your life…
    • Talk to him about it.
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    Scenario 3: Your best friend just blamed you for something you DIDN’T do. How do you tell him/her that you didn’t do it?

    • You don’t say anything; you just run and “cry to your mother”.
    • Calmly (with a straight face) tell them that you would never do that (or would you?).
    • Slug them in the shoulder. They deserve it.
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    Have you ever felt ticked off for no reason at all?

    • Yes, all the time!
    • I don’t know, not really, I guess…
    • Sometimes.
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    Are you offended easily?

    • YES YES YES always!
    • No, never!
    • I don’t know; that’s why I’m taking this quiz!
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    Mystery question in Riddlish: Does a heart give up it’s throne when proposed by a bone?

    • Translator please!
    • Hey I know Riddlish… yes! I think.
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    Mystery question in Avaish: Tbujre rgy annsgge wusteg et tuuuuuuuu?

    • Where is that translator!
    • I give up.
    • You know I was playing along on the last one?
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    Your favorite song?

    • Little Broken Hearts
    • PFUDOR
    • The One that Got Away

Where do you stand on the “not real” scale?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?