Build Your Dream Boyfriend And We’ll Tell You His Sign

  • Question of

    Does he want kids?

    • Not at all
    • Maybe in the future
    • Yes, as soon as possible
    • He already has kids
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    How does he de-stress?

    • Party!
    • Goes to the gun range
    • Meditation / Yoga
    • Hits the gym
    • Gaming
    • Reading
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    If you were down, how would he cheer you up?

    • Chocolates and flowers
    • A surprise lunch or dinner
    • Prepare a candlelight bath
    • Put on your fav show and order pizza
    • Buy you something you’ve been obsessed with
    • Give you a massage
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    What’s his hidden talent?

    • He performs magic tricks
    • He’s a killer card player
    • He can bake
    • He can dance, really dance
  • Question of

    Who is his role model?

    • Elon Musk
    • Idris Elba
    • James Bond
    • Justin Bieber
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    Does he prefer salty or sweet snacks?

    • Salty
    • Sweet
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    Can he cook?

    • No, but he loves fancy restaurants
    • He can cook the basics
    • He has a few signature dishes
    • He’s a whizz in the kitchen
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    What’s his drink?

    • Anything non-alcoholic
    • Whisky on the rocks
    • Sex on the beach
    • Gin and Tonic
    • Matini
    • Beer
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    You would brag to your friends that he was….

    • The best kisser
    • The funniest guy
    • Honest and faithful
    • So romantic
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    Where will go on your first date?

    • Coffee shop
    • The movies
    • Netflix and chill session
    • Outdoor adventure
    • Concert
    • Romantic dinner
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    How does your dream wedding look?

    • Small and intimate
    • It’s a beach wedding
    • It’s a big, white wedding
    • What wedding? We elope!
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    And where will the honeymoon be?

    • Paris
    • Thailand
    • New York
    • Ocean Cruise
    • European backpacking tour
    • Cape Town

Build Your Dream Boyfriend And We’ll Tell You His Sign

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