Can I Guess Your Personality In 10 Questions?


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    Describe yourself

    • Witty
    • Great at social stuff
    • Kind of mean…
  • Question of

    What’s your gender? Answer seriously

    • Female
    • Male
    • Non-binary or trans
  • Question of

    Best online phone app?

    • Facebook
    • Amino or similar
    • YouTube
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    What’s the best humour?

    • Meme or random
    • Intelligent humour
    • Mean humour, but like, for fun. Irony, if you will
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    What sentence suits you the best?

    • The internet is stupid
    • Russia is my city
    • You poop, hehe (:
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    Who showed you the test?

    • A family member
    • I found it myself
    • A friend/colleague/classmate
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    Do you like your school/workplace?

    • Yes it’s the best place ever
    • I don’t know. When I’m not tired, it’s alright.
    • NO
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    What do you hate most about work/school?

    • It’s kind of stressful
    • Dumb teachers/boss and classmates/colleagues
    • Nothing. It’s amazing
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    Do you have pets?

    • No, but I want pets
    • No, and pets are stupid
    • Yes
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    What’s your favourite toy-ishes?

    • Notebook
    • My science kit
    • Lego

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