Can we guess how lazy are you?



  1. Get out of your comfort zone.

As mentioned before, you can’t just sit around waiting for someone to show up. Get out of your comfort zone and be yourself. You need to inculcate your passions and desires in your social life, because that is the only way you will reflect what you want. Make sure you are being adventurous and top of all enjoying whatever you are doing. Do things that you wouldn’t usually do, and remember ordinary places and activities won’t attract extraordinary men.

  1. Mix up the people you go out with.

You need to make sure whenever you go out its with a bunch of people and not always the same crowd. As much as you should avoid going out alone, you shouldn’t going out with a bunch of your friends because if a person wants to approach they might not because of the entire audience you have got with yourself. Being with a lot of friends can make it difficult for you to meet someone else, especially someone new.

“So avoid using the word ‘very’ because it’s lazy. A man is not very tired, he is exhausted. Don’t use very sad, use morose. Language was invented for one reason, boys – to woo women – and, in that endeavor, laziness will not do. It also won’t do in your essays.”
― N.H. Kleinbaum, Dead Poets Society

“Mostly, I could tell, I made him feel uncomfortable. He didn’t understand me, and he was sort of holding it against me. I felt the urge to reassure him that I was like everybody else, just like everybody else. But really there wasn’t much point, and I gave up the idea out of laziness.”
― Albert Camus, L’Étranger

“Stay away from lazy parasites, who perch on you just to satisfy their needs, they do not come to alleviate your burdens, hence, their mission is to distract, detract and extract, and make you live in abject poverty.”
― Michael Bassey Johnson

“Laziness and cowardice are the reasons why so great a portion of mankind, after nature has long since discharged them from external direction (naturaliter maiorennes), nevertheless remains under lifelong tutelage, and why it is so easy for others to set themselves up as their guardians. It is so easy not to be of age. If I have a book which understands for me, a pastor who has a conscience for me, a physician who decides my diet, and so forth, I need not trouble myself. I need not think, if I can only pay – others will easily undertake the irksome work for me.

That the step to competence is held to be very dangerous by the far greater portion of mankind…”
― Immanuel Kant, An Answer to the Question: What Is Enlightenment?

“As a writer, I need an enormous amount of time alone. Writing is 90 percent procrastination: reading magazines, eating cereal out of the box, watching infomercials. It’s a matter of doing everything you can to avoid writing, until it is about four in the morning and you reach the point where you have to write. Having anybody watching that or attempting to share it with me would be grisly.”
― Paul Rudnick

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    The remote has stopped working. Do you:

    • Ehh keep watching this crap
    • Go buy batteries
    • Go to the TV change the channel
    • Time for a nap
  • Question of

    Did you shower today?

    • Yep and scrubbed
    • Nope and probably won’t
    • Don’t need to
    • I’ll get to it later
  • Question of

    It’s the middle of the night and you need to pee

    • Go to the bathroom quickly
    • Try and fall back asleep
    • Hold it in
  • Question of

    Your clean clothes are in the dryer what do you do?

    • Sort and fold now
    • Grab them as a I need them
    • Pfft my dirty clothes are on the floor
    • Get someone else to do it
  • Question of

    When was the last time you checked your mailbox

    • Yesterday
    • Not this week
    • Someone else will do it
    • Nothing important in there
  • Question of

    You did this quiz because

    • You don’t want to work
    • You’ve finished work
    • You don’t have any work to do
  • Question of

    There is a big cue at the escalators

    • I’ll wait, it won’t be that long
    • Stuff it I’ll take the stairs
    • Head home, it’s a sign
  • Question of

    Gym membership?

    • Been 3 times this week
    • Have one but don’t use it
    • Nope nope nope
    • Don’t need it
  • Question of

    Has your bedroom ever looked like this?

    • Umm it does now
    • About 50% of that
    • Nope nope nope
    • Yeah but I make it work
  • Question of

    The alarm has gone off

    • Snooze for 15 minutes
    • Get up and haul arse
    • Ha! Didn’t even set one!
    • Turn it off and go back to sleep
  • Question of

    What is your age?

    • Under 18 Years Old
    • 18 to 24 Years Old
    • 25 to 30 Years Old
    • 31 to 40 Years Old
    • 41 to 50 Years Old
    • 51 to 60 Years Old
    • Over 60 Years Old
  • Question of

    What is your gender?

    • Male
    • Female
  • Question of

    What time do you usually get up?

    • 7-8 am
    • 8-9 am
    • 9-10 am
    • 10-12 pm
    • 12-1pm
    • 1 pm +
  • Question of

    Your car runs out of petrol on the way to work do you…

    • Walk to station, get some petrol in a can, and get to work asap.
    • Walk to station and get petrol in a can, but ring in to get the day off.
    • Fall asleep in the car, it’s too early.
    • Run to work, leave the car!
    • Walk to work and call someone to help you with your abandoned car.
    • That’d never happen, as you never bothered to learn to drive.
  • Question of

    If you want a cup of tea whilst in bed you…

    • Get up and make one, and return to your toasty bed.
    • Screw that you have more important things to worry about.
    • Make your partner get up and bring tea and toast, while you watch tv.
    • Call your parents from your mobile and get them to make you one, regardless of their current location
    • Go back to sleep and dream of tea.
    • Go and make one, and offer a cup to everyone in the house.

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