Can We Guess What Clique Your Crush Is In?

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    Are you most comfortable doing what everyone else is doing, doing what your friends are doing or being a total individualist?

    • Doing what my friends are doing
    • Doing what everyone else is doing
    • Being a total individualist
    • What friends?
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    Who’s your favorite Kardashian?

    • Low-key? Kylie.
    • Obviously Kendall!
    • Kourtney, I guess? I hate them all.
    • Khlo√© is the funniest!
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    If your crush dared you to walk the ridge of a roof in high heels, would you say yes?

    • Maaaaybe
    • Yeah, why not?
    • No. Too dangerous.
    • Eek, no way!
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    Would you rather have ten good friends or one GREAT friend?

    • Hmm. How ‘good’ are the good friends?
    • Ten good friends! Duh.
    • One GREAT friend. I don’t need an entourage.
    • I’d settle for ANY friends.
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    Has anyone ever called you ‘swol’?

    • Lol … not seriously
    • Of course. I am quite swol, actually.
    • JFC, of course not.
    • I wish!
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    If your crush asked you to lie to everybody in school on their behalf, would you say yes?

    • Yes. I’m no narc.
    • What do they want me to lie about?
    • Sure, whatever.
    • No. I don’t wanna get in trouble!
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    Do you like adulting, or do you wish you could stay in high school forever?

    • High school is chill, but it’s getting tired.
    • Ugh, hate high school.
    • I’m obsessed with college, TBH.
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    In your opinion, what’s the funniest TV show of all time?

    • ‘Key & Peele’
    • ‘The Office’
    • ‘Fleabag’
    • ‘Catastrophe’
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    What’s your favorite kind of self-care?

    • Taking a long, hot bath
    • Going for a jog
    • Shopping
    • Meditating
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    Has anyone ever called you ‘basic’?

    • N O P E.
    • Whatever. You’re basic!
    • lmao, please. Never.
    • I’m proud to have attained basichood, TBH.
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    If you were a jewel, what kind would you be?

    • A fire opal
    • A diamond
    • An amethyst
    • A pearl
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    When you’re upset, what kind of music do you listen to?

    • Cloud rap
    • The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ soundtrack
    • Industrial house
    • Devo
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    If your crush said they’d date you on the condition that it was kept completely on the down-low, would you agree?

    • Depends … How dripping hot is this person?
    • No! They should be proud to be seen with me.
    • Yes. That sounds sort of fun.
    • Yes. I’ll do anything for my crush, fr.
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    What’s your dream job, diva?

    • Famous musician
    • International soccer star
    • Independently wealthy art collector
    • Eccentric CEO of a major tech company
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    Let’s talk tiny pets. What kind do you crave?

    • A lil pug
    • A sassy chihuahua
    • A black or grey cat
    • A cute hamster
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    Last but not least: Do you actually like your crush or do you just want to BE your crush?

    • I think I actually like them.
    • I’m just attracted to them a lot, TBH.
    • I MIGHT want to be them.
    • I definitely just want to be someone else. ?

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