Can We Guess What Clique Your Crush Is In?

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    What are you good at?

    • Music
    • Sports
    • Writing
    • School
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    Imagine that you and your crush are teamed up on a school project. Who would do the most work?

    • They would. Bet.
    • IDK, we’re both lazy.
    • Probably me
    • Definitely me
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    If your crush told you your favorite hobby was dumb, would you still like them?

    • Nah.
    • No way!
    • Lol, maybe.
    • Lol, totally. Dungeons & Dragons IS dumb.
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    How do you get along with your fam?

    • Meh.
    • We’re super tight!
    • They hate me (and vice versa).
    • They’re hard on me, but it’s for my own good.
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    At festivals, which one of these people are you?

    • The one who’s having WAY too much fun
    • The one who’s unwisely crowd-surfing
    • The one who’s being chill in some elite tent
    • The one who is hiding in the car because it’s too noisy here
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    Has anyone ever called you a ‘brain’?

    • Haha, no.
    • Only as a joke
    • Yes, when I was younger.
    • Yuh, all the time!
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    When you see your crush, how do you usually feel?

    • L I T T Y
    • Excited!
    • Depressed (They don’t like me back.)
    • Scared?
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    Let’s say you could study abroad in any country in the world. Which one would you pick?

    • United Kingdom
    • Mexico
    • France
    • Japan
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    Do you like your current clique or do you want to change it?

    • I love my crew.
    • Can’t leave my boys/girls!
    • We’re sort of stuck together.
    • I’m ready to move up, TBH.
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    If your crush actually asked you out, what kind of date would you want with them?

    • I’d want to go to a club with them and dance.
    • I’d want to go to a rager with them and get lit.
    • I’d want to walk with them through rainy city streets.
    • I’d want to go see Hannibal Buress with them.
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    Has anyone ever called you a ‘freak’?

    • Yeah, once or twice.
    • No, never!
    • Dude, constantly.
    • Why would that happen?
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    How do you dress?

    • I’m an athleisure weirdo.
    • IDK, normal? I guess?
    • In black, fitted clothes
    • In whatever’s clean, bb!
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    When’s the last time you felt shook?

    • When my laptop died
    • When I sprained my ankle
    • When the heel on my favorite boots broke
    • When I got a B
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    If your crush asked you out TODAY, how would you feel?

    • Anxious
    • Confused as heck!
    • Stoked

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Can We Guess What Clique Your Crush Is In?