Can We Guess What Type of Attraction You Look for Most in a Relationship?

Between emotional and physical attraction, there are six significant distinctions.

1. Lust is a physical attraction, whereas love is an emotional bond.

Not only does love imply sex (as physical attraction does), but also the desire for emotional intimacy with another person. When you love someone, you want to spend more time with them, not for sex, but for hearty conversations and the sense of emotional connection.

2. Physical attraction is a result of impulsive behaviour. It takes time to develop an emotional bond.

When you love someone, you are perpetually prepared to wait for them, and your feelings do not fade with time. Physical attraction necessitates instant gratification. It is impulsive and transitory. Emotional attraction is a long-lasting sensation, similar to fine wine, that grows stronger over time.

3. Physical attraction is a surface phenomenon. Emotional attraction penetrates a little further.

Physical attraction is related to superficial factors, but not to a person’s deep perception. Lust is a mental state characterised by an obsession with the human body, tactile temptations, and sex fantasies. Emotional attraction is complex and begins on a profound emotional level. When you fall in love, you open up to another person, become vulnerable, but also confident in your beloved.

4. Physical attraction is fleeting and ephemeral. Emotional attraction is a slow and steady process.

Sexual attraction to a person can quickly wane and fade away, especially if the individual has already expressed a desire. On the contrary, emotional attraction can last a lifetime and a day in any situation.

5. Over time, love grows stronger. Lust diminishes

A man and a woman’s love is founded on an emotional connection that grows stronger over time. Physical attraction is a result of a strong sexual desire that fades over time. Thus, regardless of how passionate your relationship is, if it is solely based on physical attraction, it is doomed to fail.

6. Physical attraction is entirely self-centered. The term “emotional attraction” refers to “we.”

Physical attraction is self-centered and is frequently associated with one’s own desires. If you wish to seize possession of someone you care about but do not provide ample rope, you are only physically attracted but not emotionally. Emotional attraction is not a self-serving force. In other words, if you prioritise another person’s happiness over your own, you truly love them.
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