Can We Guess When You Had Your First Kiss?

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    When did you come out of your shell (socially)?

    • I was never in a shell.
    • When I was ready
    • After high school
    • I’m still here, and I will stay here.
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    What artist was most likely playing when you had your first kiss?

    • Ed Sheeran
    • Boyz II Men
    • Lighthouse
    • Just the music of our breath
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    How many people have you kissed since your first kiss?

    • Over thirty
    • Just a few
    • Too many to count
    • None
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    Did anyone witness your first kiss?

    • About a hundred people
    • No, it was very intimate.
    • Everyone at the party
    • No, I like to keep to myself.
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    Was your first kiss all you dreamed?

    • It was a little awkward.
    • I planned it perfectly.
    • It was messy.
    • All I dreamed and more
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    Which of these best describes you in middle school?

    • Outgoing and popular
    • Shy but friendly
    • I was figuring myself out.
    • I didn’t talk to anyone.
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    Which of these best describes you in high school?

    • Very popular, but I had a reputation.
    • Popular and smart
    • I was the outcast.
    • I skipped school a lot.
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    Which of these describes you in college?

    • I didn’t go to college.
    • I studied all the time.
    • I finally broke out of my shell.
    • I found a lot of like-minded people.
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    Which of these best describes the person you had your first kiss with?

    • Short and awkward
    • Tall and handsome
    • I don’t remember.
    • The perfect person
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    After your first kiss, who did you tell?

    • Anyone who would listen
    • My best friends and my mom
    • Everyone who asked
    • No one
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    What were you thinking during your first kiss?

    • All right! I’m getting kissed!
    • This is going perfectly!
    • This dude/chick is so hot.
    • Finally!
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    Which of these best describes the breath of the first person you kissed?

    • Dry and stale, with a hint of Cheetos
    • Minty and perfect
    • Boozey
    • Sweet and salty
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    Did you call the person the day after your first kiss?

    • Like, a million times!
    • We spent the next day together.
    • I forgot his/her name.
    • I waited a couple of days.
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    Did you date the person you had your first kiss with?

    • We started dating after the kiss.
    • We were dating before we had our first kiss.
    • No. I can’t even remember his/her name.
    • We kissed on the first date and dated for a few months afterward.
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    Were you in love with the first person you kissed?

    • I thought so, but it was just a crush.
    • Yes, definitely
    • Not at all
    • We weren’t at that level yet.

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