Can We Guess Where You Live Based On Your Diet?

  • Question of

    What sounds absolutely delicious right now?

    • Some fried chicken
    • Lobster roll
    • Barbecue
    • Salmon
    • Blueberry pie
  • Question of

    You have a great delicious breakfast in front of you to enjoy. What side do you pick to accompany it?

    • Grits
    • Lox
    • Grilled pineapple
    • Fruit salad
    • Bacon
  • Question of

    Pick a meal

    • Chicken long rice
    • Pulled pork sandwich
    • Deep dish pizza
    • Clam chowder
    • Sushi
  • Question of

    What would you love to barbecue/grill?

    • Ribs
    • Steak
    • Salmon
    • Corn
    • Brisket
  • Question of

    Pick a food item

    • Maple syrup
    • Spam
    • Hot dog
    • Rice
    • Cornbread
  • Question of

    Pick a meal

    • Hot dog and fries
    • Kalua pig
    • Chicken and biscuits
    • Garden salad
  • Question of

    Pick a food item

    • Okra
    • Apples
    • Ham
    • Lobster
    • Boston cream pie
  • Question of

    Pick another food item

    • Baked beans
    • Rice
    • Collard greens
    • Apple pie
  • Question of

    Which meal is your favorite?

    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Dessert
  • Question of

    Pink one last food item

    • Honey
    • Shrimp
    • Cheeseburger
    • Clam bake
    • Sweet tea
  • Question of

    You get to choose a snack of carrots or celery sticks. Which one do you grab?

    • I’ll go for carrots.
    • Celery isn’t horrible.
    • I would rather go without a snack.
    • Can I have pickles instead?
  • Question of

    What are your true feelings about sardines?

    • I love them.
    • I’ve never tried them.
    • They are the most disgusting thing in the ocean.
    • I don’t eat seafood.
  • Question of

    Shrimp cocktail is the only appetizer at a party. Are you going to have some?

    • What sort of horrible party am I attending?
    • I’ll have a couple.
    • I’ll pass on the raw seafood.
    • I’ll give it a shot, but there really should be more appetizers.
  • Question of

    Don’t hold back! What’s your opinion of cottage cheese?

    • It’s awful!
    • It makes good dips.
    • Ewwww.
    • I’ll pass, but thanks for asking.
  • Question of

    If you had the chance to try haggis, would you?

    • What’s haggis?
    • I have, and I’ll never do it again.
    • I’m not eating anything that comes inside a sheep’s stomach.
    • I would try it just to say I have.

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