Can we guess which Marvel Superhero would be your boyfriend?

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    What’s your must-have quality in a guy?

    • Super-strength
    • Flexibility
    • Sense of humor
    • Lots of money
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    Where would you go on your first date with your superhero?

    • The top of the Empire State Building
    • Take a drive in a decked out race car
    • Drinks at his underground lair
    • Hiking up a mountain
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    Which Marvel villain do you think is the hottest?

    • Alexander Pierce
    • Green Goblin
    • The Grandmaster
    • Loki
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    What’s your greatest fear in relationships?

    • That you’re not good enough for them
    • That they’re not ‘the one’
    • That they’ll cheat on you
    • That they’re using you
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    What job would you like your superhero BF to have when he’s not fighting crime?

    • Scientist
    • Photographer
    • Construction worker
    • Pizza delivery guy
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    Which of these super powers are most impressive to you?

    • Ability to fly
    • Super regenerating, healing abilities
    • Super strength
    • A super, impenetrable suit
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    Which of these Marvel movies is your favorite?

    • Spiderman
    • Deadpool
    • Thor: Ragnarok
    • Iron Man
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    Which of these over-rated Marvel heroes suck the most?

    • Elektra
    • The Punisher
    • Ghost Rider
    • Daredevil
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    What’s the biggest trait that you look for in a dating partner?

    • Intellect
    • Sense of humor
    • Kindness
    • Mystery
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    What type of superpower would you like your man to have?

    • Technopathy
    • Super agility
    • Super strengh
    • Healing factor
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    Would you be OK with dating someone who refuses to reveal their true identity to you?

    • Nope, I spot a dealbreaker!
    • A guessing game! This sounds fun!
    • Can I get a first name at least?
    • That sounds mysterious … I like it!
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    What do you personally find attractive about superheroes?

    • Their protective nature
    • Their hilarious personality
    • Drop-dead gorgeous looks
    • The fact that they don’t say much.
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    Do you think it’d be easy or difficult to date a superhero?

    • Difficult, they would always be gone fighting crime.
    • Easy peasy lemon squeezy
    • I think it would be hard, but manageable.
    • I don’t think it’s that hard.
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    Which of these villains would you be able to defeat in a battle?

    • Obadiah Stane
    • T-Ray
    • Red Skull
    • Sabretooth
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    If you were a superhero, where would your super cool outfit come from?

    • I would build it myself.
    • My friends will make one for me.
    • I’ll just buy one.
    • I don’t need a stupid outfit.

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