Can We Guess Who Was Your First Man?

A person’s virginity refers to the fact that they have never had sexual relations. There are cultural and religious traditions that place a high value on this state, particularly among unmarried women, and associate it with notions of personal purity, honour, and worth.

Virginity, like chastity, has historically been associated with sexual abstinence. Virginity is commonly associated with moral or religious questions, and it can have ramifications in terms of social standing and interpersonal relationships. While virginity has social implications and has had significant legal implications in the past in some cultures, it has no legal implications in the majority of societies today.

Originally, the word “virgin” only applied to sexually inexperienced women, but it has since expanded to include a variety of meanings found in traditional, modern, and ethical principles. People of other sexual orientations often involve oral sex, anal sex, or mutual masturbation in their descriptions of losing one’s virginity, while heterosexuals may or may not consider loss of virginity to occur only through penile-vaginal penetration. In certain cultures, the social ramifications of virginity persist, and they can have varying effects on an individual’s social agency.

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    Do you pray on a regular basis?

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    What percentage of your time do you spend watching porn?

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    How much do you use marijuana?

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    How much do you tell lies?

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    How much do you drink alcoholic beverages?

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    Have you ever engaged in sexual activity with a virgin?

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    Have you ever driven more than 50 miles for the sole purpose of having a sexual encounter?

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    Have you ever been high on three or more recreational drugs in the same night?

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    Have you ever had sex while driving?

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    Have you ever participated in a group sex session?

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    Have you ever been unfaithful to your partner?

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