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Alien Hand Syndrome

This is a disorder we have come across a number of times in movies and series but it is no longer bound to the realm of fiction. This very rare disorder involves losing control of a hand or limb. This uncontrollable limb seems to have a mind of its own and tries to choke or scratch either the host or others around. It is likely to be seen in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease or Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease or in people who underwent a brain surgery which separated the two hemispheres of the brain. As there is no cure for the disorder, those suffering from it are supposed to keep their hand tied up and occupied or have to control their hand with the other hand.


This one is definitely a very horrific disorder as it involves an overwhelming desire to either amputate or damage healthy parts of the body. Also known as Body Integrity Disorder and Amputee Identity Disorder, it is a result of injury caused to the right parietal lobe of the brain. And as surgeons don’t amputate parts on request, the ones suffering from the disorder take it into their own hands to do so. As dangerous as it sounds many who have done so seem to be very elated that they did it.

“I know one thing about men,” Bunny says with finality, leaving the room to check on A. “They never die when you want them to.”
― Suzanne Finnamore, Split: A Memoir of Divorce

“He left a bit too easily and with obvious relief. His feet were swift and sure on the muddy path.”
― Suzanne Finnamore, Split: A Memoir of Divorce

“In three days,” he continued, “I will be your husband. I will take a solemn vow to protect you until death do us part. Do you understand what that means?”
“You’ll save me from marauding minotaurs?”
― Julia Quinn, Romancing Mister Bridgerton

“There’s a huge difference in sex and making love. We have sex with someone who can satisfy us physically, but we make love to someone who can satisfy us soulfully and eternally. Once you realize the fine-line between making love and having sex, you will understand the meaning of life! Life isn’t only about survival, it’s about living and so is making love. We have sex to satisfy our lust and hunger, which is nothing, but survival, but we make love to feed our soul and our mind, to fill a void that is there since a long time, that longs for a partner and that needs someone whom we want to spend the next morning with!

When you have sex just for physical pleasure, you are ashamed and guilty at one point of life or another, but when you make love to someone who means everything to you, you are always proud of it. Never in life, not even a single time, you regret that time and the moments spent with that person. You will always rejoice it and remember it with equal passion and joy.”
― Mehek Bassi

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  • Question of

    Where do you see yourself meeting your future husband?

    • At the gym
    • On a dating app
    • At a bar
    • Poetry reading
  • Question of

    What is your favorite personality trait in a guy?

    • His sensitivity
    • His acceptance
    • His independence
    • His communication
  • Question of

    Where will you guys go on your first date?

    • A house party
    • Hiking in a park
    • Walking around the city
    • Dinner and a movie
  • Question of

    We all know looks matter. What is the first physical feature you notice on a man?

    • His eyes
    • His hair
    • His lips
    • His smile
  • Question of

    You’re making a home-cooked meal for your hubby! What would you chef up?

    • Whatever he’s been into lately
    • Chocolate-covered fruit
    • A fresh salad
    • Sushi
  • Question of

    Which of these is the most common text you’ll be sending your future husband?

    • ‘I’m with my family.’
    • ‘Let’s go do something!’
    • ‘Meet me at the gym after work.’
    • ‘I miss you but I have to work.’
  • Question of

    How old do you envision your partner being when you meet him?

    • 25
    • 19
    • 30
    • 27
  • Question of

    What will your friends be saying about your future spouse?

    • They appreciate his focus on his success and me.
    • They love his humor.
    • All of them like him because he connects well with them.
    • They like how happy he makes me.
  • Question of

    If you had to sum up your future husband’s personality in one word, what would it be?

    • Active
    • Outgoing
    • Sensitive
    • Honest
  • Question of

    What type of music do you listen to the most?

    • Dubstep
    • Club music
    • Jazz
    • Alternative rock
  • Question of

    Musical talent makes a guy extra attractive. Which instrument do you find makes a guy most attractive?

    • Drums
    • Bass
    • Violin
    • Guitar
  • Question of

    Which unorthodox suit color do you like a man to wear?

    • Mustard
    • Purple
    • Powder Blue
    • Gold
  • Question of

    When you are out at a restaurant, what do you typically order to drink?

    • Club soda
    • Lime juice
    • Water
    • Juice
  • Question of

    What is your favorite type of movie to watch?

    • Thriller
    • Drama
    • Romance
    • Comedy
  • Question of

    What is a good first gift to receive in a marriage?

    • A skydiving trip
    • A necklace
    • A homemade coupon book for massages, dinner, etc.
    • A mixtape

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