Can You Handle the Most Insane Game of Would You Rather Ever?



It is fair to say that as times have changed TV has become one of the most vital parts of our life, considering how we spend hours and hours watching it.


The hours we spend watching TV is directly linked with what is being shown. More appealing the TV shows are, the more viewership they get from different backgrounds. With a large variety of shows being presented to audience, people’s preference varies. Some prefer thriller shows whereas some on the other hand go for sitcoms or sci-fi shows. Despite of becoming a necessity people haven’t really thought much about the history of TV shows and their evolution.


An average person doesn’t know about the history of TV shows. The first TV shows appeared in 1930s and was similar to current soap operas. The main target for the TV shows were housewives with advertising cleaning products between shows which further led to the origin of the term :soap operas”. For decades Brazil has been one of the most renowned producer of soap operas, but later US competed for the leadership in this genre when the world saw Santa Barbara which ran until 1993 with more than 2,100 episodes and broadcasting over 50 countries. Though the genre is not as popular as it once was but it still has an audience.

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  • Question of

    There’s a zombie apocalypse and the living dead are attacking your home! You only have enough time to escape with one person. You choose:

    • Your sibling.
    • Your significant other.
  • Question of

    You’ve inherited a sum of $10 million, but with a catch. You choose to spend it by:

    • Donating half to an evil organization and keeping the rest for yourself.
    • Paying it all to cure a child of cancer.
  • Question of

    For the rest of your life, you would choose to have free access to:

    • Travel and accommodations — see the world!
    • Groceries and restaurants — never pay for food again!
  • Question of

    You’re stranded on a deserted island with your dog and a serial killer, hundreds of miles away from civilization. You choose to:

    • Murder the serial killer and never leave the island.
    • Kill your dog and be brought home immediately.
  • Question of

    Which Disney princess do you like more?

    • Cinderella.
    • Elsa.
    • Ariel.
    • Belle.
  • Question of

    You would rather be known for:

    • Finding the cure to AIDS.
    • Preventing a future mass shooting.
  • Question of

    The fountain of youth has been found! However, it wasn’t what we expected. You could live forever as a:

    • Healthy 5-year-old with constant temper tantrums.
    • Wise 80-year-old with arthritis.
  • Question of

    Would you rather:

    • Lose all your senses and be surrounded by loved ones.
    • See the future and be forever alone.
  • Question of

    You were elected President of the United States! Choose your legacy:

    • Leave the economy, education and health care system in shambles, be revered as greatest president ever.
    • Lead America into technological, economic, and cultural advancement, be hatefully remembered.
  • Question of

    Food is fuel! Choose dinner for the rest of your life:

    • Delicious caterpillars and spider legs.
    • Nutritious sushi that tastes like poo.
  • Question of

    Would you rather:

    • Watch your parents make love every day for a year.
    • Get frisky with a pig for ten minutes in public.
  • Question of

    Every time you see an attractive person, you would rather:

    • Be able to strike up great conversation, but fart uncontrollably.
    • Mesmerize them but not be able to communicate at all.
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    Last question – how would you rate this quiz?

    • I loved it!
    • It was pretty okay.
    • Not great…

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