Can you love again?

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    You are riding a horse in the middle of a desert, you and your horse are tired and thirsty, suddenly you see water, what would you do first?

    • Drink myself, then let the horse to drink.
    • Give the horse some water, then I will drink.
    • I really don’t know, since I would act the way I feel at that moment.
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    You girlfriend/boyfriend has hurt you with something. What do you do?

    • Forgive, as I forgive everything to her/him.
    • Forget about it for a while, then with the first opportunity will discuss it.
    • Pay revenge immediately, that’s what I always do.
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    Your loved one has cheated on you. What would you do?

    • Turn around, walk away, and never see that person any more.
    • Kill him/her.
    • Pay back with the same.
    • I will be indifferent. I am confident about myself, and I know that if she/he found someone, that person would never be as great as I.
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    You had a fight with your partner, and were not calling each other for some time. What would you do?

    • Wait until she/he calls me first
    • Call as soon as I am not mad any more
    • Try to contact as soon as possible, so we get back together
    • I am not sure, it really depends on circumstances
    • Blue-green
    • Brown
    • Black
    • Orange
    • Green
    • BLUE!
    • Purple
    • Pink
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    Someone points a gun on your beloved, you are standing hear her/him. What would you do?

    • I put myself in the front of the gun without thinking.
    • I will tell the gunman not to shoot.
    • I will wait to see what happens.
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    Do you have anything special in your home that belongs to your ex? Example: Favorite shirt, underwear, sports jersey…

    • No. I he took everything and I’m heartbroken about it.
    • No. I burned EVERYTHING!
    • Yes. It reminds me of him when I look at it.
    • Yes. But it’s hidden in a box in my closet.
    • No. He’s gone so they’re gone!
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    When a song comes on that reminds you of him you…

    • Sing along and smile.
    • Cry uncontrollably.
    • Turn it off and sit in silence.
    • Change the song and listen to something else.
    • Listen to it because you still like the song. (He’s in the past. Who cares about him anyway!)
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    If his family member calls and invites you to a BBQ and you know he’s going to be there, what do you do?

    • Respectfully decline.
    • Go and bring a date to piss him off.
    • Send his favorite platter through a friend and hope it reminds him of you.
    • Go and watch him from a distance.
    • Go and enjoy yourself and have no contact with him.
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    You’re at a bar with your friends and you see him having drinks and flirting with a beautiful woman. You?

    • Walk over to them and warn her that he’s a loser.
    • Take a few more shots and leave in a cab.
    • Send him his favorite drink.
    • Continue drinking with your friends and do some flirting of your own.
    • Oh he’s here? That’s cool!
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    A mutual friend sets you up on a blind date…

    • No. That’s not good the new guy is probably just like your ex.
    • Go and hopefully make a new friend.
    • Stand him up. You’re just not ready.
    • Show up and ask if he knows your ex.
    • It’s good to go out and meet someone new.
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    Your ex gets into a car accident. You get the call, show up to the hospital and his new girlfriend is there. You?

    • Beat her up in the lobby so she can join him.
    • Introduce yourself, give well wishes and leave.
    • Request to see him with an attitude.
    • Go in there and prove you can take better care of him than she can.
    • Say ‘good for him’ and continue painting your toes.
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    The vacation you planned is coming up and you can’t get a refund. You?

    • Go. Maybe he’ll show up and you can start over
    • Offer to buy him out and go with a friend.
    • Offer to sell him your ticket.
    • Go on the vacation who cares if he shows up. You need a getaway.
    • Sell the ticket to an old lady.
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    After breaking your heart, your ex calls and requests to be friends with benefits. You?

    • Say yes and enjoy the great sex!
    • Say yes hoping he will want more.
    • Say no. Sleeping with me is NOT an option!
    • Say yes and give him one night of passion and tell him to go to hell!
    • Tell him he’s disrespectful and you’re glad it’s over!
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    You have a pet dog together and your ex wants custody. You?

    • Tell him no, absolutely not!
    • Suggest joint custody. 1/2 the year for both of you.
    • Give the dog away and not tell him.
    • Make him pay you full price for the dog.
    • Give him the dog. It’s too painful to keep it.
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    You have to walk down the aisle with your ex at your best friends wedding. You?

    • Ditch the wedding. You don’t want to be near him.
    • You decline being in the bridal party and attend the wedding as a guest.
    • Be a good friend and walk down the aisle. It’s not about you or him.
    • Request to walk with someone else.
    • Do it and imagine it’s your wedding with him.
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    Do you trust people?

    • Yes!
    • Sometimes…
    • Never!
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    Do you ever consider yourself as selfish?

    • Yes, that’s the way I like to be.
    • Maybe, sometimes I am selfish.
    • I am not selfish at all since I like to give than to take.

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