Can you make your relationship last?

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    Do you enjoy just staying in together or do you have to go out where there are other people?

    • Staying in
    • Being alone together gets boring
    • We work best when there are other people around
    • I like staying in, but I invite other people over to make it better
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    How good are you at buying each other gifts?

    • I never know what to get him
    • Great
    • I’m good, they always get me the wrong thing
    • He hates everything I get him, so I just stopped
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    Are you guys a team?

    • Not really
    • We work terribly together
    • Yup
    • We keep things separate
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    Do you discuss financial responsibilities with each other?

    • No, we keep those things separate from the relationship
    • He takes care of everything
    • I take care of everything myself
    • Yes, we work it out together
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    Are you mentally compatible?

    • We very much are
    • No
    • He is way more immature than me
    • We only focus on the physical stuff
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    When you’re apart how much do you want to speak with him?

    • I welcome the silence
    • Not very often
    • As often as I can
    • I completely forget to contact him when were apart
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    Would you consider your partner one of your best friends?

    • Sometimes it feels more like an acquaintance
    • No, I wouldn’t say so
    • Of course!
    • I have too many to count, maybe top 10?
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    How often do you want to argue?

    • Every day
    • Everything is an argument with us
    • Rarely, and it usually blows over quickly
    • Never. If it’s a serious issue, I just ignore it
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    How many times have you ‘broken up’ over the course of your relationship?

    • Every argument we do
    • Ive lost count
    • More than a few times
    • Never
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    Do you hide your relationship on social media?

    • I hide it all
    • No, it’s quite obvious we are in one
    • I like people to think I’m still available
    • I don’t, but he does
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    Do you have shows that you watch together?

    • Nope
    • He hates my shows so he does something else
    • Of course
    • I hate his shows so I make him watch mine
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    Do you bicker about small things?

    • Yeah
    • Not really
    • Small things become big things for us very quickly
    • All the time
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    Do you eat together?

    • Yeah
    • No. We eat separate meals
    • As long as I’m the one cooking
    • Only at restaurants because we don’t like the same food
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    Do you enjoy doing nice things for him?

    • I never remember to do anything
    • I try, but he always hates them
    • Yes! I love it
    • No. He does nice things for me though
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    What do you do to make the relationship new and exciting?

    • We flirt with other people
    • We don’t think too much about that
    • We spend nights apart to keep it fresh
    • We have a date night

Can you make your relationship last?

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