Clare or Tayshia… Which 2020 Bachelorette Are You Most Like?

The star of “The Bachelorette” was replaced for the first time in the franchise’s two-decade history.

After months of reports leaking from the quarantined set, viewers heard that Tayshia Adams would succeed Clare Crawley as the show’s leading lady in the 16th season.

When the season started shooting in a bubble at La Quinta Resort & Club near Palm Springs, Calif., Crawley fell head over heels for contestant Dale Moss. As viewers saw in the premiere, Crawley declared that once Moss stepped out of the limo on the first night, she believed she had met her husband. Then, as the days (and episodes) passed, Crawley developed an obsession with Moss and paid little attention to the other suitors, which became the season’s central storyline. Chris Harrison, the host, told Crawley that the way things were unfolding was unjust to the other guys, and therefore a new Bachelorette was brought in with Adams.

Adams previously met with the casting team for “The Bachelorette” in order to be considered for the lead role following her introduction on Colton Underwood’s “The Bachelor” season. She was not chosen at the time, but when producers became aware of Crawley’s intense feelings for Moss, they started to weigh their options for sustaining the drama in the current season.

“Without the benefit of time, it was truly instinctive. We’d gotten to know the boys,” Rob Mills, ABC Entertainment’s senior vice president of alternative series, specials, and late-night programming, tells Variety. “The guys feel a little betrayed by their decision to go all in on Clare. They’ve left their jobs to be there, they’ve quarantined themselves, Palm Springs is insanely hot, and they never really had a chance because Clare just had eyes for one man. At that point, you simply follow your instincts.”

As a result, their thoughts immediately turned to Adams.

Mills discusses with Variety why they had to leave the traditional format a few episodes in, how they recruited Adams, and the current state of Crawley and Moss’ relationship.

What was your reaction when Clare said that the first time she met Dale, she believed he was her husband?
Clare sees Dale and immediately embraces him, her knees almost collapsing as she exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, I think I just met my husband.” We were all messaging each other in the control room, and we were all like, “Whoa. That was absurd.” It’s always exciting to witness something you’ve never seen before. Clearly, our initial impression grew, but this was really, “Holy cow. This may be a case of love at first sight.” As a result, we ensured that Chris inquired about it. Then he received the first impression rose, but after that, we didn’t think much about Dale. She seemed to be establishing new relationships, which was fantastic.

So when did you realise Clare was all-in on Dale?
Night 1 began in the same manner as every other night on “The Bachelor.” Clare was giddy with excitement as she saw the first limo pull up. She had met these men and had done some research on them. With Dale, she saw that he was going through the same problems she was with her mother, and I believe that sparked some empathy. Then, Episode 2 unfolded normally, but she insisted on Dale attending the first group date. That was important to her. Since you could see the chemistry there, the fear began in Episode 2 that Dale had this thing under control.

Throughout the first three episodes, there has been a lot of Twitter buzz, with Bachelor Nation claiming that this is not fair to the guys. When you were filming, did you have any doubts that this was being unfair to the contestants?
The guys had checked out at that point. They were just about done. They’re trapped in this one spot — it’s not as though we could fly and have anything to look forward to — so the bubble was beginning to collapse in on itself, and I believe that’s when it was decided to watch Clare and Dale’s storey unfold. However, we must act as if this were a temporary situation.

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