Couple Compatibility Quiz

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    If you got some free time, which activity would you most enjoy engaging in with your partner?

    • Reading a book
    • Relaxing on the beach
    • Volunteering at a homeless shelter
    • Relaxing at home, eating & watching movies
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    If you went to see a movie together, which of these genres would you most likely pick?

    • Horror
    • Drama
    • Thriller
    • Action
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    If you were broke, what’s the most romantic thing you would do for your partner?

    • Reassure him/her, ‘I love you! You’re the only one for me’
    • Provide emotional support
    • Make him/her a gift from small treasures you have held onto
    • Buy him/her a nice gift with your credit card
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    When you go out to dinner together, how do you decide where to eat?

    • My partner always decides
    • We alternate who gets to pick
    • We choose at random — sometimes I pick, sometimes he/she does
    • We flip a coin
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    How compatible do YOU believe you two are?

    • Does it matter?
    • Extremely
    • Not at all
    • Reasonably
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    Which of these do you feel is the most important aspect of a successful relationship?

    • Just being together
    • Compromise
    • Communication
    • Trust
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    What minimum level of education does your partner need to complete to be the most attractive to you?

    • Undergraduate degree
    • It doesn’t matter
    • High school
    • Master’s degree
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    Is it important that your partner be able to converse with your friends if you were to leave the group for a short while?

    • It doesn’t matter
    • Yes
    • I’m not sure
    • No
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    How important is your partner’s intelligence to you?

    • Not at all. I just love his/her body
    • It’s important, but I don’t know how to describe it
    • My partner is not super-smart, but I love him/her anyway
    • It makes me respect him/her more
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    Of these, which would you choose to describe yourself?

    • Easy-going, humorous, passionate
    • Dedicated, intelligent, hard-working
    • Laid-back, go-with-the-flow, nothing is all that important
    • Organized, simple, fun-loving
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    Describe your partner. Is he/she:

    • Responsible, serious, determined?
    • Selfish, unreliable, absent?
    • Loving, sensitive, caring?
    • Scatterbrained, spontaneous, wild?
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    Does your partner’s intellect complement you as a person?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometimes
    • It doesn’t matter to me
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    How many times in a week would you like to have sex?

    • Two to four times
    • Once
    • More than five
    • Bi-weekly (once every two weeks)
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    How crazy in the sheets do you two ever get?

    • Tied up
    • Whips & chains
    • Blindfolded
    • Not all that crazy
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    What if your partner is more rough than normally while you were being intimate?

    • I’d be willing to give it a try….
    • It has happened — and I LOVED it!
    • Not happening — it’s NOT my thing
    • It has happened — and I HATED it!
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    On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your sex life?

    • 7-10
    • 1-3
    • 4-6
    • 0
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    Would you ever consider having anal sex with your partner?

    • No, that’s not for me
    • I would be willing to try it
    • Yes
    • Yes, but only if they warmed me up first
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    Does your partner really know you sexually?

    • No. I need my sex to be rougher, but I’m afraid to say it
    • Not really….I’m more adventurous than I let on
    • Yes
    • No
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    Would experiencing S&M (giving/receiving pain during sex) in your relationship be a turn-on or a turn-off for you?

    • Turn-off, and it might even end our relationship
    • Turn-off, but I wouldn’t be offended
    • Turn-on. I would like to try it, but would never actually do it
    • Turn-on
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    It’s the holidays. Whose family do you visit?

    • We visit one of our families in the morning and the other in the evening
    • His/her family hates me, so I refuse to visit. If my partner doesn’t like it, he/she needs to get over it!
    • It doesn’t matter to me
    • We alternate
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    How many kids do you want?

    • 0
    • 4+
    • 3 to 4
    • 1 to 2
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    Is religion important in your relationship?

    • Yes
    • No
    • It’s important to one of our families
    • Somewhat
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    How important to you is your partner’s relationship with your parents?

    • My partner’s parents passed away
    • Important
    • Unimportant
    • It doesn’t matter to me
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    Can you see your partner being a good parent?

    • No
    • Yes
    • Sometimes
    • My partner is a big child, so that’s a big no

Do you think that the person you might be in love with is compatible with you?

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