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Finding a date is often not as difficult as it may seem, but one thing is for sure that it usually isn’t anything like what we see in the movies, because life isn’t one. There are no friends who will set you up and you will have the perfect date. Unlike movies, you meet people when you step outside the walls of your house and go to places. Be it bar or a coffee shop, you can meet cute strangers there and end up having a nice time. There are several couples who have even met in the library and ended up talking about their favourite books and all which to be honest sounds quite promising as a date. It’s like meeting someone in a book club which is also an interesting and unique way to meet someone.

Platforms like “Meetup” usually the thing one needs to find a date. They host several gathering including a local group of people which gives them a chance to know people in a community better and explore different things including their interests and passions. These gatherings could be hikes, photography trips, a book discussion, etc which bring together a group of people who share the same interests as you. The platform gives people chance to create your own group if you can’t find people with the interests as yours. With a million members people claim to have find walking buddies, workout buddies, dance partners and much more let alone a date. Such gatherings are a remarkably easy way for singles to get along with others and find someone worthy enough to date without having to put a lot of effort.

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    First off, what type of picture will you have as your main image?

    • Sweet and classy selfie
    • Adventurous travel pic
    • Full body, flirty pic
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    Now, pick one thing to include in your bio

    • A joke about yourself / dating
    • ‘Not looking for hookups’
    • Information about your career
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    Next, select the age range you’d like potential partners to be

    • 18-22
    • 23-27
    • 28-35
    • 36+
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    Which of your passions will you talk about in your bio?

    • Taste in music
    • Places you’ve traveled to
    • Sports you love to play/watch
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    What are you looking for in the relationship department?

    • Something serious
    • Casual hook-up
    • Wherever it takes me
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    When swiping for matches, what is a deal breaker for you?

    • Someone who is not your usual type
    • Someone who does not have a great career
    • Someone who is interested in things you dislike
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    Finally, do you reach out to a potential match first of do you let them come to you?

    • I make the first move
    • I let them reach out if they’re interested
    • It depends on the person

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