Create an Outfit and We’ll Guess If You Really Want to Be in a Relationship



Adoption Day

There is nothing as nervous as the first day when of your pet at your home. Wondering whether hey will like it or hate it or will they run away when no one is noting, almost eats up from the inside. It is uncertain whether they will be nervous,, friendly, scared or ignorant. But in this case the owner has nothing to worry about as on their first day he is being extended so much love and cuddling sessions that he will love his new home.

Look of Love

Named Pilsner, this cat has set and high standards for the significant other of her partner. The partner is perfect only if the look at his owner the way he does, cares and loves his owner the way he does, anything lesser than that seems unacceptable. As for his owner, Pilsner is the perfect hype one needs to believe they are beautiful especially when taking pictures.

Supporting Friends

All pets are frightened of the doctors office just like we humans are, but these dog seems to be calm and not only that he is ready to spread the vibe. There is nothing cute than this picture of a Labrador comforting the tiny kitty. And as much as there is nothing to be scared of, the kitty is lucky to have a big doggie guardian looking after her with all the emotional support she needs. Not only are they breaking the stereotype of cats and dogs not getting along but they are doing hat with utmost cuteness.
“Relationship is about forgiveness and compromise. It is about balance where one person complements each other.”
Nicholas Sparks A Summer to Die

“Friendship is a give and take. You have to have a strong relationship with your friend and I think you have to offer them something and they have to offer you something and that’s to always learn from it.”
Raven Symone When the Past Is Present: Healing the Emotional Wounds that Sabotage our Relationships

“It’s hard to give up the being together with someone.”
Lois Lowry, The Joy Luck Club

“In a true you-and-I relationship, we are present mindfully, nonintrusively, the way we are present with things in nature.We do not tell a birch tree it should be more like an elm. We face it with no agenda, only an appreciation that becomes participation: ‘I love looking at this birch’ becomes ‘I am this birch’ and then ‘I and this birch are opening to a mystery that transcends and holds us both.”
David Richo, The Zahir

“ wisdom is like a bottomless pond. You throw stones in and they sink into darkness and dissolve. Her eyes looking back do not reflect anything.
Amy Tan, Hard and Fast

“The most important thing in human relationship is conversation.but people don’t talk anymore,they don’t sit down to talk and listen.They go to theatre,the cinema,watch television,listen to the radio,read books but they almost never talk.(pg114)”
Paulo Coelho, Jesus Among Other Gods: The Absolute Claims of the Christian Message

“The fatal flaw of human wisdom is that it promises that you can change your relationships without needing to change yourself.
Paul David Tripp Picture Perfect

“But the truth is, I want to be some woman’s work boots, not her high heels.”
Erin McCarthy, Wantin

“Don’t feed your ego with my soul.”
Arzum Uzun Why Men And Women Can’t Be Friends

“We are his temple. We do not turn in a certain directlon to pray. We are not bound by having to go into a building so that we can commune with God. There are no unique postures and times and limitations that restrict our access to God. My relationship with God is intimate and personal. The Christian does not go to the temple to worship. The Christian takes the temple with him or her. Jesus lifts us beyond the building and pays the human body the highest compliment by making it His dwelling place, the place where He meets with us. Even today He would overturn the tables of those who make it a marketplace for their own lust, greed, and wealth.”
Ravi Zacharias, Sad Girls

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    Where would you like to go shopping today?

    • Urban Outfitters
    • PacSun
    • American Eagle
    • Banana Republic
  • Question of

    Which of these shoes would you wear on a first date?

    • Wedges
    • High heels
    • Sneakers
    • Flats
  • Question of

    Pick a lovely dress to wear for a party.

    • Lace dress
    • Flared dress
    • Casual maxi dress
    • Sheath dress
  • Question of

    You would easily spend $100 on which type of jewelry?

    • Ring
    • Earrings
    • Necklace
    • Bracelet
  • Question of

    Which of these phrases would you want to see on a T-shirt?

    • ‘I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry’
    • ‘Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries’
    • ‘Shh … I’m still asleep’
    • ‘I can’t people today’
  • Question of

    What kind of jeans should be a staple in everyone’s closet?

    • Relaxed
    • Skinny
    • Straight
    • Slim
  • Question of

    Chilly weather calls for what type of jacket?

    • Motorcycle jacket
    • Denim jacket
    • Fleece jacket
    • Pea coat
  • Question of

    Choose a cute type of purse that will match your outfit.

    • Sling bag
    • Clutch
    • Satchel
    • Shoulder bag
  • Question of

    How would you describe your sense of style?

    • Artsy
    • Casual
    • Chic
    • Sophisticated
  • Question of

    Aside from jeans, what type of pants would we see in your closet?

    • Leggings
    • Sweatpants
    • Yoga pants
    • Trousers
  • Question of

    Which of these patterns would you like to see on a tank top?

    • Flowers
    • Polka dots
    • Stripes
    • No patterns
  • Question of

    Which gemstone would make a pretty necklace?

    • Jade
    • Pearl
    • Sapphire
    • Diamond
  • Question of

    Are you more of a hat person or a scarf person?

    • Both
    • Scarf
    • Hat
    • Neither
  • Question of

    How about a beautiful watch to enhance your look?

    • Hybrid watch
    • Analog watch
    • Digital watch
    • No thanks
  • Question of

    Would you rather wear a graphic tee or a crop top to the gym?

    • Something else
    • Graphic tee
    • I don’t go to the gym.
    • Crop top

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