Demon Slayer Boyfriend Quiz!


Demon Slayer boyfriend quiz! In the world of anime, there are a plethora of amazing shows to choose from. But for those who are looking for a show that is full of action, adventure, and romance, Demon Slayer is the perfect choice.

The story follows the journey of Tanjiro Kamado as he becomes a demon slayer in order to save his family from certain death. Along the way, he meets new allies and enemies, all while trying to keep his loved ones safe.

So, who is your Demon Slayer boyfriend? Well, take this Demon Slayer boyfriend quiz to find out!

What is Demon Slayer?

Demon Slayer is a new anime series that was released in the Spring of 2019. It is produced by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex.

The story follows a young boy named Shinobu Sensui who is determined to become a demon slayer in order to protect his friends and family from the demons that threaten them. The show has been praised for its exciting action sequences and well-developed characters.

How popular is Demon Slayer?

With a total of over 28 million views on its first episode, it’s safe to say that the new anime series, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is popular. The show tells the story of Tanjiro Kamado, a young boy who becomes a demon slayer in order to avenge his family. From the previews and fan reactions, it seems that the series is living up to its hype.

Demon Slayer’s popularity can be attributed to a number of factors. First, the story is well-written and gripping. It has all the elements of a good shonen anime: action, adventure, and suspense. Second, the animation is top-notch. The characters are well-drawn and the fight scenes are exciting to watch. Finally, the cast of voice actors is excellent.

Demon Slayer Boyfriend Quiz! What are Your Options!

Demon Slayer boyfriend quiz
Demon Slayer boyfriend quiz

1. Himejima

In the popular anime and manga series, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, one of the main characters is Himejima Aya. She is a young girl who was born with a powerful spiritual energy known as “Himejima bloodline.”

Because of this, she was chosen to become the next head of the Himejima clan, a family of demon slayers. Aya is a skilled fighter and has a strong sense of justice. She is also very loyal to her friends and family.

2. Tanjiro

Tanjiro Kamado is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Tanjiro is a kind-hearted young boy who was born in a poor family. His father, Mother, two sisters and himself live in a small house that they built themselves.

Tanjiro works hard alongside his family to make ends meet, but one day his mother and sisters are killed by a Demon. This event sets him on a journey to become a powerful Demon Slayer so he can protect the ones he loves.

3. Muzan

Muzan is an incredibly powerful demon and the main antagonist of Season 1 in the anime series, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is the father of Zenitsu Agatsuma and Tanjiro Kamado, and he seeks to awaken the god of destruction, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. Muzan was once a human, but he was cursed by a powerful nun and turned into a demon.

He has since been seeking revenge on the nun for what she did to him. Muzan is incredibly powerful and can easily overpower most demons. He also has the ability to create dark spheres that can suck the life force out of people, which he often uses to kill his victims.

4. Rengoku

Rengoku is a demon who was sealed by the Slayers long ago. He’s a powerful and dangerous demon, but it’s not clear what his goals are or why he’s broken free now.

Some believe he’s seeking revenge on the Slayers who trapped him, while others think he may be trying to free other demons from their prisons. Whatever his motives, Rengoku is a threat that the Slayers will have to deal with quickly if they hope to keep the peace in their world.

Now it’s time to play the quiz!

So, ready to find your Demon Slayer boyfriend? Well, answer all questions honestly in this Demon Slayer boyfriend quiz and we will match you to your Demon Slayer bf. Good luck!

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    Pick An Accessory

    • A cozy beanie
    • A gold chain >:)
    • A knife
    • A cool beaded bracelet
    • A backpack, its functional
    • Rings on every finger
  • Question of


    • Pancakes
    • Waffles
    • Eggs and bacon
    • Lucky charms!!
    • Burnt toast
    • Yogurt
  • Question of

    Pick A Pet

    • A parakeet
    • A big ol dog
    • A kitty
    • A tortoise
    • A gecko
    • A fish
  • Question of

    What’S Your Zodiac Sign?

    • Aries
    • Leo
    • Cancer
    • Pisces
    • Scorpio
    • Taurus
    • Sagittarius
    • Gemini
    • Virgo
    • Libra
    • Aquarius
    • Capricorn
  • Question of

    Pick Another Anime That I Have Seen

    • Fairy tail
    • Fruits baskets
    • Angel beats
    • My hero academia
    • Attack on titan
    • Toilet bound hanako-kun
    • Sword art online
    • Your lie in april
    • Devilman crybaby
    • Neon genesis evangelion
    • The promised neverland
    • Danganronpa: the animation
  • Question of

    Pick A Song From My Library

    • Say, can you hear? by men i trust
    • 911/mr.lonely by tyler the creator
    • My tears ricochet by taylor swift
    • Class of 2013 by mitski
    • Oh no! by marina
    • West coast by lana del rey
    • Love yourz by j. cole
    • My best friends girl by the cars
    • Boys don’t cry by the cure
    • Never is a promise by fiona apple
    • Walking on a string by matt berninger (ft. phoebe bridgers)
    • Sad day by fka twigs
  • Question of

    Choose A Line From A Poem

    • Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove. o no! it is an ever-fixed mark
    • Penalizing my pride to yesteryear mistakes cloud my future outlook in vain these thoughts fill me with despairing and fear why do the wishing, when i have no pain?
    • Wait till your announced, we’ve not yet lost all our graces.
    • But o heart! heart! heart! the bleeding drops of red, where on the deck my captain lies, fallen cold and dead.
    • Her omnipresence is felt in the universe transcending solar systems unknown past the galaxy of the milky way glittering within the aurora borealis
    • We’ll turn our faces southward, love, toward the summer isle where bamboos spire the shafted grove and wide-mouthed orchids smile.
  • Question of

    Did You Like The Poem Question?

    • Yes! it was pretty
    • A little long, but i liked the poems
    • No
    • Wayyy too long
  • Question of

    What Do Your Friends Think Of You?

    • Dumb-dumb
    • Chill
    • Funny
    • Prettyyyy
    • Brave
    • Best hugger
  • Question of

    What Do You A Call A Sweet Carbonated Drink?

    • Pop
    • Soda
    • Fizzy
    • Cola
    • Soda pop
    • Something to put mentos in
  • Question of

    Favorite Super Hero Film

    • Spiderman: into the spiderverse
    • Avengers: infinity war
    • Captain marvel
    • Iron man
    • Captain america: the winter soldier
    • Spider-man 2
    • Thor: ragnarok
    • Black panther
    • Iron man 2
    • The incredibles
    • Wonder woman
    • The dark knight
  • Question of

    Pick A Trend From The 2010’S That Got Annoying Fast

    • Dabbing
    • The floss
    • Fidget spinners
    • Cancel culture
    • Vsco girls
    • Gatekeeping
  • Question of

    Pick A Subgenre

    • Twee pop
    • Nu metal
    • Bubblegum pop
    • Indie rock
    • Ska
    • Synth pop
  • Question of

    Pick A Bop From My Childhood

    • Paper planes by m.i.a
    • We are young by fun.
    • Tik tok by kesha
    • On the floor by jennifer lopez
    • Hips don’t lie by shakira
    • Somewhere in brooklyn by bruno mars
    • Bad romance by lady gaga
    • Mr brightside by the killers
    • Immortals by fall out boy
    • I wanna go by britney spears
    • Red by taylor swift
    • Misery business by paramore
  • Question of

    Pick Something To Take To A Desert Island

    • A book
    • A blanket
    • A lighter
    • A hammock
    • A friend
    • A pot

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