Disney Quiz: Who Is Your Disney Twin?

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    One of your ‘wishes upon a star’ might have something to do with:

    • Something you really want
    • Your future plans
    • A romantic interest or relationship
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    Which of these would stress you out the most?

    • Too many people trying to talk to you at once
    • A messy workspace or home
    • Doing the same thing over and over agian
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    Which of these words best describes your friendships?

    • Close
    • Secure
    • Unfiltered
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    The best Disney pet would probably be:

    • Pascal
    • Rajah
    • Pegasus
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    Which type of restaurant do you find yourself gravitating toward more often?

    • American
    • Mexican
    • Chinese
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    You’re about to change your hairstyle up! You would go for:

    • Something that more closely fits the season
    • Something similar to what you already had
    • Something completely new
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    What might be a negative trait that others see in you?

    • Passiveness
    • Stubborness
    • Impulsiveness
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    Which of these would you want to be most esteemed for?

    • Being someone who is a trusted friend and/or partner
    • Being someone who will always follow their dreams
    • Being someone who has very little regrets in life
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    You pride yourself in being:

    • Considerate
    • Responsible
    • Empathetic
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    You are most likely to base your actions off of:

    • What you feel that others WOULD do
    • What you feel you COULD do
    • What you feel you SHOULD do
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    Pick a Disney animal!

    • Baloo
    • Timon
    • Mushu
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    Which country would you love to visit one day?

    • Greece
    • Ireland
    • Italy
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    When someone asks you a question, you:

    • Give an answer if you have one, offer to Google it if you don’t
    • Ask another friend around you for answers if you do not have one yourself
    • Often always have an answer, even if you half make it up
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    In a romantic relationship, you would like to be….

    • Understood, with similar intersts
    • Secure and stable
    • Free and independent
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    On the job, you are often known as the:

    • Efficient one
    • Sensible one
    • Social one

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