Do I Have A Crush On Him?

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    When you see him talking to other girls you feel:

    • Bit angry, but you don’t really care that much.
    • You feel like your heart is being broken.
    • He is allowed to talk to girls. Why should I care?
    • You wanna whack the face off that bitch!
    • Com’on. Why would I care?
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    Do you wanna smile at him but can’t?

    • No, I don’t want him to see me smile at him!
    • I smile at him all the time, I love it!
    • I wanna, but every time we make eye contact I get nervous and can’t.
    • No Way! What does that even mean?
    • No, man. I don’t think that way.
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    Do you wish you could just walk up to him and give him a hug?

    • What!?
    • Yeah, definitely!
    • Yes!… I mean that would be cute.
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    How do you feel when he looks at you or talks to you?

    • OHMYGOD, he’s talking to me! Ahhhh!
    • I get a little nervous/excited
    • I feel happier
    • The same as if any other person were doing it
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    Do you do certain things/go certain places just to see him or to be with him?

    • I’ve done it maybe once or twice
    • Hell, no! That’s really creepy!
    • I do it sometimes
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    Is he attractive?

    • Meh. I couldn’t care less
    • Yeah, he’s pretty cute
    • He’s hot!
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    If a friend said something bad about him, how would you feel/what would you say?

    • I’d be a little offended, but nothing too bad
    • ‘No one can change the way I feel about him!’
    • ‘Oh.’
    • ‘Whatever.’
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    How well do you know him?

    • I know every single little thing there is to know about him!
    • I know him pretty well
    • I barely know him
    • I have a few classes with him – I know him OK.
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    If someone else asked you out (besides your potential crush) what would you do?

    • I would definitely have to think about it
    • I would probably go out with him
    • I would never, ever, go out with anyone but this guy!
    • I’d go out with him in a heartbeat. Who cares about the other guy?
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    How would you feel if you saw him on a date with another girl?

    • I would be pretty sad
    • I would run to the nearest bathroom and bawl my eyes out
    • A tiny bit disappointed, but would shake it off quickly
    • I’d think, ‘Good for him!’
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    If one of your friends liked him, what would you do?

    • One of my friends would never like him! She knows all too well how I feel!
    • I’d tell her how I feel about the guy and hope she wouldn’t ask him out
    • I’d be a little hesitant to say something nice
    • I’d think, ‘Great for her! I hope they work out.’
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    If the opportunity were to present itself, would you tell him how you feel?

    • What is there to tell?
    • Definitely not
    • Only if he liked me back
    • Oh, he already knows how I feel
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    How many people did you have in mind while taking this?

    • Basically all the boys in my grade
    • Maybe two or three
    • One, but once I thought about someone else
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    Do you think you like this guy?

    • Yes! I really do.
    • Well no. But this guy is really cool.
    • I don’t know.
    • I don’t think so! I don’t even know what am I doing here?
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    How often do you think about him?

    • I rarely think of him.
    • Quite often.
    • Only when I see him.
    • Just a few times during the day.
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    When you see him, how do you act/feel?

    • I just look at him and smile, and he smiles back 🙂 Or I go up and talk to him/he comes up and talks to me.
    • I turn away/or blush!
    • I stare at him the whole time, but he never looks at me.
    • My heart beats so much and I get funny happy feelings.
    • I don’t really feel anything, I act casual.
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    Have you both made eye contact?

    • Yeah, we do it all the time, when we talk to each other.
    • We’ve never made eye contact. 🙁
    • Yes! And we stared into each others eyes for what seemed like forever!
    • We’ve only made eye contact a couple of times…
    • What?
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    When you walk past/near each other, what do you do?

    • We smile and say hi.
    • We both look at each other, that’s it.
    • I never really see him.
    • Usually we talk for a bit.
    • I sometimes see him, but I only look at him for like a second.
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    When you are walking by, do you sometimes look for him?

    • Sometimes…
    • Yes, I do that basically all the time, I always wanna see him.
    • Uhh… No.
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    Do you dream about being with him in the future?

    • No, not really.
    • Yeah, we go out and have tones of fun together. 🙂
    • Yeah, he asks me out. 🙂
    • Yep, we have kids and everything or we get married.
    • Umm… sometimes, but we only talk and stuff.
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    If you could only see him once a month, how would you feel?

    • Oh well, if it happens, it happens.
    • I usually see him less than that, so, yeah I would!
    • Well, that’s how often I see him now, so…
    • What? Am I supposed to feel something?
    • OMG! I’d panic, well I’d be really sad.

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