Do We Like Each Other?

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    When your crush gets mad about something, do you secretly find this to be adorable?

    • Yes, very much so
    • A little bit
    • It depends on how mad they are.
    • No, it’s kind of scary actually.
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    During a conversation with your crush, do you prefer to listen or talk to them?

    • Listen
    • Both
    • It depends on the type of conversation.
    • Talk
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    How often do you tend to daydream about your crush?

    • Almost every day
    • A few times a week
    • Once in a while
    • Never
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    Do you find that certain types of scents remind you of your crush?

    • Yes, there are many scents that remind me of my crush.
    • Yes, but I can’t remember what they are.
    • Only one or two scents
    • What scents?
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    Does he happen to smile at you when he recognises that you’re looking his way?

    • Yes! all the time.
    • Only when his girlfriend isn’t looking.
    • No, to him i’m a nerd.
    • No, rarely.
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    Does he cross your path?

    • Yes!
    • I guess you can say so
    • Maybe ,i don’t want to admit it though!!!!
    • No i haven’t noticed
    • I am trying to get over him
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    Do you have fairytale dreams with him in it?

    • Of coarse i do! it happens all the time.
    • Rarely, not anymore
    • No i don’t care about him!!
    • It’s happened but i don’t take it on
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    Do you get really nervous when you see a picture of someone who reminds you of him?

    • Yes!!! lol how did you know.
    • Maybe i do, sometimes
    • No i really don’t care
    • Nah no-way-ho-say
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    Does he look like i ever crossed his mind?

    • When he see’s me his body language says ‘ i’ve been thinking of you’
    • He acts don’t care
    • He tells me i crossed his mind
    • He pretends as if he does not know me
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    How do you feel when you see your crush or significant other?

    • Overjoyed, like fireworks in the sky.
    • Energized
    • Content
    • Indifferent
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    Do you share similar interests or hobbies with your crush?

    • Absolutely
    • I have to get to know them better first.
    • We have a few things in common.
    • No, we don’t really have anything in common.
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    Whose happiness matters more to you: yours or theirs?

    • Their happiness means more to me.
    • Both!
    • My happiness will always come first.
    • Happiness is overrated.
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    How long have you known the person you feel attracted to?

    • Way too long
    • A few years
    • A few months
    • A few weeks
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    Would you be willing to talk to your crush on the phone at 2 a.m.?

    • Yes, without a doubt
    • Only if I was still awake
    • Only if it was an emergency
    • No, I need to sleep!
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    Are you always trying to impress your crush with random gifts and surprises?

    • You read my mind.
    • Occasionally
    • Only during holidays
    • Nope, that’s a waste of time.
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    What do you admire the most about your crush?

    • Their personality
    • Their humor
    • Their intellect
    • Their good looks
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    Have you accepted your crush for who they really are, which may include some of their flaws?

    • Of course, I love them just the way they are!
    • I’d like to think so.
    • I’m not sure yet.
    • No, they should change some of their bad habits first.
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    True or false: You’re completely comfortable with expressing your emotions around your crush.

    • True
    • Somewhat true
    • I’m not quite there yet.
    • False
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    Do you find yourself judging your crush for some of their odd quirks?

    • No, never!
    • Only if they’re being super weird
    • Occasionally
    • Yes, I think they’re a little weird sometimes.
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    Be honest here: Do you ever get sick of talking to your crush?

    • No, why would I?
    • Only if we’ve been talking for many hours in a single day
    • Only if I’m not getting enough space
    • Yes, quite often actually.

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