Do you believe in yourself?


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    Do you think you are confident? ( There is no wrong answer!)?

    • Yes, but I don’t look it!
    • Well …… kind of …….. I guess!
    • Nope . Nada . Zilch . Zero %
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    Are you nervous when you talk to your friends?

    • Sometimes, it depends what we are talking about!
    • Nope I have no problem with talking to them!
    • Yes, I get nervous!
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    Do people come up to you and ask for help?

    • No, I’m to busy worrying about myself!
    • It kind of depends on the topic!
    • Yeah all the time!
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    In all honesty do you think that you are successful?

    • No, I’m working at it though!
    • Meh! Kind of!
    • Yeah I do!
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    Are you imaginative?

    • Yeah! I’m super creative!
    • I don’t really know!
    • No! Not at all!
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    Do you think you are a good person?

    • Not really I’m to busy doing other stuff!
    • Yeah I try and help a lot of people!
    • Sometimes! Or at least I try to be!
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    Do you think you have good ideas?

    • Yeah they always work out or at least most of the time!
    • I guess!
    • Nope! Not at all!
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    Are you a general happy person?

    • Sure I guess!
    • Yeah pretty much I’m always happy! H
    • Nah!
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    • It’s okay!
    • Yes, it’s awesome!
    • It could be better!
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    Do you think you believe in yourself?

    • No, I’m rubbish at everything!
    • Yes! There is no point in not believing!
    • Sure a little bit!

How dirty is your mind?

What do you think of yourself?