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    Your friend is commenting something rude to a kid you know on social media. He/She encourages you.

    • Do it, Who cares? Besides he/she told you to do it.
    • Pretend to and then don’t, and say you did. When they see you didn’t send one, say your device is not working and it the matter passes.
    • Say, no, that’s rude.
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    You are in the spelling bee, but you don’t want to do it. your friends encourage you.

    • Do it. It is a good opportunity
    • You make your own choices. Say no
    • Decide too but turn down last minute and fake being sick.
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    Your friend found the password to another kids account! Hacking time, they say.

    • Oh ya! go along. Who cares?
    • Stop them from doing it. Hacking is wrong
    • Okay you say. Pretend to but don’t.
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    Your friend is copying the smartest kid in class’s work with their permission.

    • Try to get yourself to do it, but really not copy them and say you did
    • We have their permission! Do it!
    • Decline and stop them. Cheating is straight out wrong.
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    Your friends are skating at a park. They see a cart of tennis balls in the parking lot and knock it over. They spread the balls around and laughed.

    • Tell them to stop and pick the balls back up.
    • Hold back but laugh with them.
    • Join, more the merrier!
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    Some kids are in other class room. Your classroom doesn’t have much led for your pencils so they are raiding mechanical pencils as well

    • Join and compete for the most!
    • Decline
    • Laugh but only watch
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    Your friends are commenting rudely on other peoples clothing at recess.

    • Sulk in the background.
    • Express your disapproval and find someone else to hang with.
    • Haha, join.
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    There is a friend you got mad at and now are avoiding. Your other friends tell you to apologize and patch up your friendship.

    • Say okay but make excuses so you never do it.
    • Go and apologize.
    • No, he/she is wrong, they deserve silent treatment.
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    Kids are sneaking in devices to school. Devices are banned.

    • Sneak in yours as well
    • Say your parents don’t let you.
    • Decline
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    Your friends have been causing a lot of trouble. You don’t feel good but they are really funny.

    • Just go along
    • Stay in the background and laugh at there jokes
    • Find a different group of friends

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