Do you have a life?

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    What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

    • Call up your friends to see if they want to hang out
    • Read about all the deaths in the newspaper
    • Stare at the computer/TV
    • Make some waffles with chocolate chips and blueberries…
    • Morning? I wake up in the afternoon.
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    What’s your hobby?

    • Shopping
    • Coloring in all the O’s of any text you see
    • Collecting all the letters of the alphabet on M&M’s
    • Collecting rocks
    • Reading and/or writing
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    It’s the March Break. What are you doing?

    • Watching TV and chatting all day
    • Cruising the malls, picking up hot guys, and hanging with friends
    • Skating, skiing, sledding, etc.
    • Sleeping
    • Picking on your siblings for doing either of the above
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    How often do you not do homework?

    • 5-10 times a week
    • I never miss my homework
    • Once a week, if ever
    • 10 or more times a week
    • 1-5 times a week
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    What kind of books do you read?

    • School textbooks
    • Dictionaries
    • I don’t read… I’m too busy hanging with friends
    • Recipe books
    • Phone Books
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    Where would you move to, if you had the choice?

    • The house next door
    • A big city… like New York
    • Somewhere exotic… like the Bahamas
    • New Jersey
    • Downtown Montreal
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    Dating is…

    • Cool, if you have the time for the commitment
    • I don’t know, I’ve never had a date
    • Ok, I guess
    • Overrated
    • Awesome!
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    How long is your Favorites list on your computer?

    • Just a few really good sites I like
    • 50 or so, I suppose
    • 10 I guess, give or take a couple
    • About 25… why?
    • I don’t have time to count them all
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    What do you dream of accomplishing?

    • How fast paint dries in certain temperatures
    • Speed of light through water
    • How tall you can pile bricks before they fall over
    • Something a lot more useful than the above choices
    • If a fart can be so smelly it suffocates someone
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    Did you like this quiz?

    • I don’t really care…
    • Yeah, it was great…
    • It was ok
    • It was fun

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