Do you have a logical or a creative mindset?

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    How do you tend to find inspiration?

    • By discussing my idea with others
    • By reading articles about the topic
    • Other
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    Which activity would you rather do?

    • Painting
    • Writing
    • Watch tv
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    At work, the way you think builds your reputation. What kinds of tasks do coworkers tend to ask you for help with?

    • Things involving communicating with others
    • Things involving judgment or dilemmas
    • Things involving creativity and design
    • Things involving math and calculations
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    How would you describe your attention span?

    • I’m usually present, but I sometimes lose focus.
    • About average
    • I’m sorry, what was the question?
    • It’s longer than most people.
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    The way our brains move our bodies is a big part of who we are. What’s your favorite dance move?

    • Whatever strikes me in the moment.
    • Shoot dance!
    • The Running Man
    • I don’t dance.
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    How familiar are you with scientific calculators?

    • I’m not an expert, but I could probably get around on one.
    • Ugh, I haven’t used one in decades & it’d be rough.
    • They’re like a part of my body.
    • Um, what is that?
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    What did your teachers think about you in school?

    • I would sometimes act out but was overall good.
    • I stayed in line and didn’t make much trouble.
    • I was nice but needed to focus more.
    • I was one of their favorite students.
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    You learn best through:

    • Hands on learning
    • Evaluating opinions
    • Research and trying things out
    • Other
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    What time of the day do you tend to think best at?

    • When I’m faced with a challenge
    • After a cup of coffee
    • When I’m on my own
    • Other
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    How do you like to relax?

    • Solving a puzzle
    • Listening to music
    • Going on a jog
    • Something else
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    Are you right or left handed?

    • Right handed
    • Left handed
    • Ambidextrous
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    Do you tend to be better with writing or numbers?

    • Writing
    • Numbers
    • I’m good at both
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    Are you an introvert or extrovert?

    • Introvert
    • Extrovert
    • A bit of both
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    Which do you prefer in a test?

    • Discussion
    • Multiple choice
    • Matching
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    Do you prefer the indoors or outdoors?

    • Outdoor
    • I like both
    • Indoor

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