Do you know what love and life are truly about?

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    Smiling means:

    • an upside down frown
    • to look pleased or amused
    • The joy expressed on your face in a u shape
    • The feeling you get when you are filled to top with love, friendship, or smiling
    • The thing that clouds up you face when your happy
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    Joy means:

    • Smiling and being in love or having a great friendship
    • The feeling way after the feeling happy
    • The thing you feel in your heart when are having the time of your life
    • a glad feeling
    • Happy
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    Emotion means:

    • Feeling what you do before you do it, feeling what you see, and what you say
    • a strong feeling of any kind
    • Listening to your senses
    • Feeling something in your heart and listening to it
    • A feeling?
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    Heaven means:

    • The place where god sends angels from to save our lives
    • The place that all your problems go away and all is a refuge for lost and innocent souls
    • A mythical kingdom where god lives
    • Up not down H-E double hockey stick
    • A place god calls you to if you fulfilled your life purpose
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    Hug means:

    • The way you wrap your arms around some one
    • wrap your arms around some thing
    • putting arms in a circle
    • A way to express your love for some one
    • The way you laugh in someone’s arms
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    Kiss means:

    • Having love for someone
    • Lip locking
    • Making out
    • The feeling you get when your lips touch that tells you your true love
    • The passion you get when you touch
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    Life means:

    • the time you spend on earth
    • The time your granted by god to touch people’s hearts, make friends, and to make a difference (never waste it)
    • Living to it’s fullest
    • Doing what’s right over what’s wrong in a split second decision
    • The rotation around the sun’s time
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    Love means:

    • to like someone a lot
    • Better than to loved and lost than to have never loved at all
    • the thing my mom says when she says goodbye
    • All is fair in love and war
    • Love not to be loved but to know you have touch someone’s heart
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    Friendship means:

    • The thing that keeps us going when we’re with friends
    • The bond you have with someone special
    • Friends that love each other a lot
    • Friends on a ship
    • The thing that gets me up in the morning
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    Laughing means:

    • The feeling you get when someone makes you happy in your heart
    • The joy you get when your around people you love
    • What you feel in your heart when you think something is funny
    • This scientific thing that sounds painful
    • Having fun with people you love

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