Do you let love into your life or do you love your single life?

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    A guy you like looks and smile at you…

    • You smile back and look away
    • You roll your eyes and walk away
    • You yell to him: What are you looking at!
    • You walk to him and start a conversation
    • You are looking at him but you don’t give him a smile back
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    Your crush texted you in the middle of the night and asked if you come over to his place…

    • You go to sleep its probably a prank anyway
    • You don’t answer back and go to sleep
    • You send him a sexy text that your definitely coming over
    • You texted him if he can come to your place
    • You stand up and runs to his place
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    You and your crush are sitting on his couch watching TV when suddenly he comes closer to you…

    • You come closer and lay against his chest
    • You move to the other side far away from him
    • You start kissing him passionately
    • You stand up and walk away
    • You say you don’t want to do anything
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    You and your boyfriend are 4 months together and he says he want to take things to the bedroom…

    • You take off your clothes and seduce him
    • You say you don’t want to do it yet
    • You ask what he means
    • You jump in his arms en start making out
    • You break up with him
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    You and your bf are making out when he wants to take off your clothes…

    • You instantly walk with him to the bedroom
    • You let him do anything he wants
    • You take off his clothes to
    • You stop him and walk away
    • You stop him and say you not ready
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    You and your bf are making out when suddenly he walks to his bag and pulls out handcuff…

    • You say NO!
    • You run away from him
    • You take out for hands and smile
    • You take off your clothes and let him do anything
    • You ask what he wants to do
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    Your bf texted you and asked if your in for a three way with a other girl…

    • You say I’m all in you hot stuff
    • You say no of course not!
    • You say yes why not its a new thing
    • You say Hell no and never speak to him again
    • You say Tell me when and where
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    Your boyfriend breaks up with you…

    • You start a fight with him
    • You go directly to a club to hook up
    • You cry and eat a lot of ice cream
    • You accept the fact that nobody wants you
    • You send him sexy photos to show him what he miss
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    You meet a guy and go to his place but it turns out he likes the kinky stuff…

    • You run away and scream
    • You want to forget your ex and go for it
    • You give him a sexy look and say your in
    • You say your in but only if you can do the work
    • You slowly walk away
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    Your ex texted you that he miss you and ask if you want to come over…

    • You say yes I miss your body ; )
    • You say no I’m with a hot guy doing hot stuff
    • You say yes I miss you
    • You say maybe but we are not gonna do anything
    • You say NO you broke my heart
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    What’s your favorite part about being in a relationship?

    • Being with my best friend
    • Constantly learning something new
    • Always having someone to do something with
    • The beginning honeymoon phase
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    On a first date, what do you want to do?

    • Go out for coffee
    • Drinks are always nice
    • A casual dinner
    • Dinner and a movie
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    If you’re with someone right now, can you see yourself marrying them?

    • 100%
    • I’m definitely getting to that point.
    • I’m just happy with where we’re at now.
    • I can’t think that far ahead.
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    Does anything worry you about long-term relationships?

    • Growing apart
    • Getting bored
    • Not seeing eye to eye on important things
    • Losing myself
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    Do you have any relationship deal breakers?

    • Not wanting to get married
    • Not wanting kids
    • Being mean to wait staff
    • Nah not really
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    If your partner got a job across the country, would you move with them?

    • No question
    • I would seriously consider it.
    • It depends on where we are in the relationship.
    • I don’t think so.
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    When you have a bad day, who do you turn to?

    • My significant other
    • My mom
    • My best friend first, then my partner once I’ve calmed down a bit
    • Myself
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    Is physical or mental/emotional chemistry more important?

    • They’re all extremely important.
    • In the beginning, physical, but mental is what keeps a relationship going.
    • A good mix of all of them
    • Physical for sure
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    Are you comfortable enough to be open about all of your feelings?

    • Every single one
    • Most of them, but some aren’t worth sharing
    • Just the surface ones for now
    • Nah, gotta keep it cool
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    Are you okay with your significant other still talking with their exes?

    • I don’t see why they’d want to, but sure.
    • Depends on how serious the relationship was
    • Maybe if it’s like, their high school ex
    • Not at all under any circumstances

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