Do you need a new bae?

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    Is he hot?

    • No I don’t even really like him as more than a friend (or at all)
    • Kind of, maybe, I guess so
    • He is, but the heart is what really matters
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    Does he ever buy you gifts? (christmas, birthdays, valentines day, etc.)

    • If it is a special occasion, yes
    • No, and he said I don’t deserve any of his money
    • Sometimes, but his heart is pure, so I don’t care
    • Not often, but we haven’t been dating long
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    Does he act differently with you around his friends?

    • Yes, but he delivers the news in a nice way
    • Not very often, but we both are kind of awkward around each others friends
    • Yes, he tells me to go away all the time even when I’m not with him
    • Nope, he shows me off as if I were a grammy award wherever we go and always acts like a gentleman
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    Has he ever said he loves you?

    • He says it all the time, with added kisses almost always
    • Ik he has said it before, I just can’t remember when the last time he said I was
    • Nope, he says he hates my guts tho
    • Yes, whenever it fits into the conversation
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    Does he do sports? (if so, what sports?)

    • Yes, but none of the above
    • No
    • Swimming, cross country, golf, and/or tennis
    • Basketball, baseball, football, and/or soccer
    • Every sport he can get his hands on
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    What is you guys’ couple song? (if you don’t have one, which of these would it be?)

    • Lucid dreams, Juice Wrld
    • Say you wont let go, James Arthur
    • Perfect, Ed Sheeran
    • Girls like you, Maroon 5
    • I hate you I love you, Olivia O’Brien
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    What is he known for saying?

    • None of the above
    • Jock-talk
    • Curse words
    • Things about you
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    What is his favorite thing to do?

    • Music
    • Be with you
    • Sporty stuff
    • Cuss me out
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    If he went to the office, what would it be for?

    • Dress code (taking off his shirt to show off)
    • Kissing (you) on school property
    • Cursing and drinking on school property
    • Fighting
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    What is his idea of a perfect date?

    • Out to eat at a fancy restaurant, and a make out session while you watch a romance of your choice
    • Pizza and Netflix of his choice
    • As long as he’s not with me, anything sounds good.
    • Anything as long as he’s with you

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