Are you a Sadist or a Masochist? This Quiz Will Reveal!


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    Do you cry when watching sad movies/anime/TV series or when reading a book?

    • Things others think are sad don’t make me feel that way
    • It depends on my mood
    • Yes, especially certain animes
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    Do you ever mess with other people?

    • If I hate the person, maybe – but I would never do it to my friends
    • No, that’s just wrong
    • Yes, I can’t help myself
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    Do you cry often?

    • Nah, just a normal amount
    • Probably more than the average person
    • I never get sad when most others do
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    Do you have friends who like to mess with others?

    • All around me
    • No
    • I have both sadist and masochist friends
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    Which kind of story ending do you prefer?

    • A happy ending where no one gets hurt
    • It depends on the story line
    • One where someone dies or gets hurt – I don’t care if it’s the protagonist or the antagonist
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    Do you like seeing blood?

    • NO! It means someone is hurt!
    • I don’t mind at all
    • Not usually, but it depends on who’s hurt
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    Which of these is your “type”?

    • Anyone nice – I don’t care about their physical appearance
    • Someone who takes charge with others and will give them what they deserve
    • Just a normal person – but hot if possible, of course
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    Which sounds more like you?

    • Watching cute, sometimes sad, movies and crying
    • Either of those is fine
    • Watching horror movies (and screaming “YES!” every time someone gets hurt)
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    Which applies most when you’re with friends?

    • Getting physical. I’ve been known to hit, slap, or at least yell at them
    • We laugh, play, and chat about mostly happy things
    • Just normal stuff. I might hit them if I’m pissed off. Other times, we just have a happy talk
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    How do you feel about sadists?

    • Sadism and masochism are separated by a thin line, just like love and hate
    • They’re freaks who’ll probably end up being serial killers
    • They’re awesome! They have all the power

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