Do You Really Know Your Loved One As Much As You Think?

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    The first thing you should know is how he acts around others.

    • Kind/Opens doors for who ever he can when he can/ talks kindly and never gossips about others.
    • Ignores others and doesn’t care to open doors, talks so much about others you’re wondering if he even sees you.
    • Talking so loud, mad when you talk, could care less about what you say, and is unbelievably rude to everyone. -OK… already says he is bad-
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    When he talks to others, family, friends, even strangers, pay attention to WHAT. WHY and how he talks? If he treats others rudely, he WILL, no maybe, will treat you wrong sometime then.

    • He is kind when he tells or asks things. He talks with a calm peaceful voice, and even when he is not talking, he smiles and is very kind.
    • At times, he is not very polite. Most the time he tries to, but he easily will turn serious and forget to act calm. He only smiles when I crack a joke or something.
    • He is never truly that polite to others. You can tell when he enters the room, he gets impatient easily and fast. he smiles at times, but not always the best of times to smile.
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    I take your answering truthfully to your need. Has he been with other people? If he has dated, sure, whatever. But together as boyfriend girlfriend, married and separated, take heed to why she left him. There may be a reason that could be serious. There’s a chance it’s the girl’s fault, but eye him and makes sure and try to see if he is a good person for you.

    • He has been with many other women, mostly younger ones. He has no children, but his girlfriends make up for that number!
    • He has a few children, but his wife left long ago. She must have not liked him all that much. But he took the children and has cared for then carefully and kindly.
    • He has dated other girls, but never got together with one. I’m not sure why, maybe their style? He hasn’t even kissed before.
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    This is important. How do you feel for him? Comfortable when he talks? Uneasy? Even being a little uneasy can lead to something bad.

    • I feel happy when I am with him. He is really sweet, and takes me out just to be nice. When I look at him, I feel excited because he is always so kind to me. I always want to be with him.
    • Sometimes, I am uneasy. He is nice, but sometimes he says things… strange. Out of the ordinary, and sometimes mean to others. At times, when we are on a date, I just want to leave and read a book or hang out with someone else.
    • He is always drooling over me.. Every time we go out, he hangs on me. He is always crowding me, making it hard to even think about how horrid of a bad feeling I always have with him.
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    How does he react when you say, ‘ Oh, sorry. I can’t go on a date Saturday. My family is having a funeral that day, and once it’s my Grandmother’s, I have to go.’

    • He understands and kindly asks for a different day.
    • He gets annoyed and argues a bit. In the end, he hangs up on me.
    • He cusses a lot about me and my grandmother, and acts like a total jerk. He stalks me for the whole day over my phone, and calls me that night, blames me, and complains demanding another date because I bailed on him.
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    When you are at your home with him, at lunch, getting hungry, what is the reaction you expect to get when this happens?

    • He gives you a, ‘What the heck, lady?’ look, and complains, putting down your question with a, ‘We are at your house now. Make yourself a sandwich, already. I’m leaving.’
    • At first he complains, but takes you. You have to pay for him also! He doesn’t even drive you down the street to your place, that guy.
    • He invites you along, pays for, you, and drives you home so you don’t have to ruin your nice pink heels.
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    Maybe pretending to do this will get him to lighten up~

    • Once more is cussing you out, leaves, and constantly stalks you.
    • ‘Pshh! Fine! Leave me!’ after a few seconds, he gets it that you are serious. ‘What! No! I was just joking! DON’T GO, DANG IT!
    • ‘What…? . . . Well, if that’s what you want, I won’t go after it. I’ll separate, just as long as there’s no blackmailing. If it’s what you want, you can get a new man if wanted.’
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    What does you family say about him? Constantly

    • They warn me something bad will happen if I keep seeing him… what can go wrong? -do you really want to know..?-
    • They are unsure about him, only because his past is so clouded and untold. He avoids the question.
    • They tease me slightly just to play. They think he is a good guy, and constantly asked if it’s him when my phone rings.
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    How often do you see him?

    • Every 3-4-2 days.
    • Now and then, mostly on dates. He asks me out on weekends and on whatever free days he gets off work.
    • Every day.
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    How kind do YOU think he is, regardless of this test?

    • I would put my life on the line any second for him. He is all I care for.
    • I love him with all my heart. Anymore I would say could be proved wrong.
    • I don’t like like him, but he has money and is so hot~.
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    Hoe does he act?

    • Never really that gentle. He kicks trash around, as long as he can get through to what he wants.
    • Calm, clean cut, smooth, peaceful and a serious peacemaker.
    • Sometimes wild and crazy, really. At times he is calm. -when he sleeps-
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    Has he kissed you yet? Lip- smooch, hopefully not on the first date.sneak

    • Every date he forcefully tries to sneak a kiss.
    • He has not even tried to do that yet, let alone get near me.
    • Once, but that was on the third date.
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    Do you believe you could raise a great family with a man of that example?

    • Never.
    • I am sure, but not sure…
    • Yes. If not, there is nobody left for me.
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    Has he written you a love note, even once? Express his care or love?

    • He is a bit shy… he once said he liked me, but he acted really nervous about it.
    • He said it in a joke on the first date. ‘You funny I like you,’ that kind. Serious Typo problem.
    • Every dang date: He is such a flirting liar….

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