Do you show-off too much?


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    You get a new guitar and you’ve been practising for a while. You finally learn how to play this cool rock song. It is fast and you feel like a rock star. You:

    • Tell people that you’re excited about your new talent but don’t rub it in their faces.
    • Keep quiet about it unless someone asks.
    • Play it in front of people and talk about it all the time.
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    Your friend got a new car and everyone is standing around it telling him how cool it is. Your friend offers to let you drive around in it. You:

    • say, “No thanks.”
    • say, “I would but I don’t want to risk wrecking your car.”
    • say, “Heck yeah!” and take it for a spin.
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    Have you ever been told that you show off too much?

    • No.
    • ALL THE TIME. It’s crazy.
    • Maybe once or twice but I usually stop when they tell me.
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    All your friends are playing a game of Ping-Pong. No one has been able to beat your one friend. She just keeps winning. You:

    • Don’t really care cause it’s only a game of Ping-Pong. I try for fun even though I’ll probably lose.
    • I don’t say anything. I stink at Ping-Pong.
    • Challenge her and play your hardest that way you can be champion.
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    Be honest. Do you think you show-off a lot?

    • No. I think I’ll look stupid if I try too.
    • I show-off sometimes but everybody does.
    • Yes. I think I do but I don’t want to believe it so I am taking this quiz to find out the truth.
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    Let’s just assume that you can do back flips. You are showing your best friend when your crush walks in the room. You:

    • Stop.
    • Don’t do another one only because if you mess up you’d mess up in front of them.
    • Do another back flip pretending you can’t see them.
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    What’s the best quote from a movie:

    • “Eyes on the prize, Violet, eyes on the prize.” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
    • “Any kid can make a mess, it takes a man to clean it up.” from Max Keeble’s Big Move.
    • I don’t care. I live by what I think is right.
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    If you do show off, what do you show off the most?

    • My stuff.
    • My talent.
    • My body.
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    Do you ever make your friends look stupid so you can look better?

    • Never. They’re my friends.
    • The only time I did was an accident.
    • Yeah, but my friends understand. I still love them and I have felt guilty before.
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    Just pick one.

    • Gold.
    • Bronze.
    • Silver.

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