Do you think that the person you might be in love with is compatible with you?

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    Do they have a history of fetishizing people or aestheticize them? ( These are both bad things )

    • I haven’t talked to them yet
    • Only once they did it
    • They do it all the time
    • NO!
    • A couple times they did it
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    Are they in a toxic fandom and toxic?

    • (Other type of fandom) and nice
    • Toxic fandom and a bit toxic
    • Toxic fandom but nice
    • I haven’t talked to them yet
    • Yep…
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    Are they in love with another person?

    • I have no idea
    • A wee bit
    • Nope!
    • Yes?
    • Possibly
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    Do they have a bad personality?

    • I have no idea
    • It’s bad but they still have good in them
    • A perfect mix
    • Yes…
    • Nope! Not at all!
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    Here’s the big question now, Do you have any interest in them?

    • I still have it in me
    • I lost some of it
    • I lost it a long time ago
    • I lost it recently
    • I’m losing it
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    What trait is most important to you in a soulmate?

    • I need someone fun.
    • I think honesty is important.
    • I think communication is important.
    • I think openness is invaluable.
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    Where would you like to go on vacation with a soulmate?

    • I would love to visit the Australian outback.
    • I would like to visit Napa Valley.
    • I would like to visit Ireland.
    • I think I would like to see Europe.
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    What gift would you bring on a first date?

    • I would bring flowers.
    • I would bring a book.
    • I would bring chocolates.
    • I would bring jewelry.
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    Have you met your soulmate?

    • I’m not sure.
    • No, I don’t think I have.
    • I think so, but who knows?
    • Yes, we are very happy!
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    What is your current relationship status?

    • Single.
    • Married.
    • Engaged.
    • It’s complicated.
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    Which romantic movie would you want to watch with your soulmate?

    • ‘Pretty Woman.’
    • ‘Eat Pray Love.’
    • ‘Titanic.’
    • ‘Sleepless in Seattle.’
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    Which name would you choose for a new family pet?

    • Sammy.
    • Angel.
    • Marley.
    • Crinkles.
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    If you were to marry your soulmate, what wedding theme would you choose?

    • I like the beach theme.
    • I like a princess theme.
    • I like rustic themes.
    • I would love an 80s themed wedding.
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    Which kind of flowers would you like to get from your soulmate?

    • I like poppies.
    • I love roses.
    • I love daisies.
    • Any flower will do for me!
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    What kind of music should your soulmate like?

    • My soulmate should love metal.
    • My soulmate should love dance music.
    • My soulmate will need to know country.
    • They can like any music they want.
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    Do you hope to have children with your soulmate?

    • No, I have enough children.
    • It depends on our careers.
    • I can’t wait to start a family.
    • We will have a great blended family.
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    Which celebrity do you hope your soulmate resembles?

    • I hope my soulmate looks like Jennifer Aniston.
    • I hope my soulmate looks like Jared Leto.
    • I hope my soulmate looks like Johnny Depp.
    • I hope my soulmate looks like Katy Perry.
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    What meal would you cook for your soulmate on a first date?

    • I would make poached salmon.
    • We would order Indian.
    • I would make pot roast.
    • I would make steak.
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    Which drink must your soulmate know how to make?

    • Margaritas would be a bonus!
    • They must know how I take my coffee.
    • They must know how to make tea.
    • The must know how to make eggnog.
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    What type of vacation would you take with your soulmate?

    • We might go on a mountain climbing adventure.
    • We would go to the spa.
    • We would take a cruise.
    • Would we go for a couple’s retreat.
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    What would you do to keep your soulmate healthy?

    • I would make healthy meals.
    • I would make sure they don’t have too much stress.
    • I would nag them to drink water.
    • We would work out together.
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    What is the best reason you have for wanting to meet a soulmate?

    • I need companionship.
    • I need love.
    • I need to give love.
    • I need partnership.
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    What board game would you like a soulmate to play with you?

    • I’m great at Scrabble.
    • I love the game Life.
    • I’m a fan of Candyland.
    • I love playing Chess.
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    Which word do you find most romantic?

    • Betwixt.
    • Smitten.
    • Cherish.
    • Adore.
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    How would you sign a love letter to your soulmate?

    • Forever Yours.
    • Sincerely.
    • All My Love.
    • I Love You.
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    Do you have anything in common with them?

    • Yes, I have a lot in common with them!
    • No, I don’t have anything in common with them
    • Yes… a bit
    • I haven’t talked to them yet so I don’t know…
    • Yes, I have some things in common with them
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    Do they have a history with cheating?

    • Yes, they cheated a lot/haven’t talked to them
    • They almost did
    • Nope! They are loyal!
    • They have cheated quite a bit
    • Only once
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    Do you have a bad history with them?

    • Nope!
    • Sadly, yes
    • I haven’t talked to them yet
    • A bit
    • Well, kind of
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    Are they likable to be around?

    • Yeah?
    • Somewhat, no
    • I haven’t talked to them yet
    • Hell no
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    Are you sure they like you back?

    • Maybe
    • Yes?
    • Haven’t talked to them yet
    • Yes!
    • NO!

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