Does He Like Me for 10-14 year olds? ( GIRLS )

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    Do you ever catch him staring at you?

    • Sometimes-but I can’t tell if he’s staring at the girl next to me
    • I don’t notice those things
    • I feel like he is but I don’t know
    • Nope…Never
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    How often does he talk to you?

    • A few times a week
    • NONSTOP-the teacher hates it
    • Every time He has the chance too!
    • He’s never spoken to me in his life
    • Only when he’s forced to
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    If you two saw each other in the hall or after school, what would he do?

    • Wave and keep walking
    • He’d probably walk up and start a conversation with me!
    • Maybe just look at me and keep walking
    • Absolutely Nothing, he wouldn’t notice me
    • He’d wave, say hi, and then walk away
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    Imagine this: you ask him to come to your party or to hang out with you, how would he react?

    • No thanks*ouch*
    • No way!*not in a million years he would say yes*
    • Yea, will there be other guys there?*nervous*
    • Umm, oh, I actually have something then, right then
    • Sure!*blushing, smiling*
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    Does he ever sit by you?

    • Only when he has to
    • Occasionally he’ll come sit by me
    • Yep! He is always around me
    • Yea, not tons, but he does
    • He doesn’t talk to me, why would he sit by me!:(
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    What kind of touching has he done to you?

    • Does high-fiving count?
    • We may have kissed(i know we’re way too young)
    • Nope, he hasn’t come within 10 feet of me:(
    • He hugged me!
    • He’s accidentally brushed by me:|
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    How do you know him?

    • He’s my neighbor(been there done that, why do neighborhood boys have to be so cute;)
    • He was in my church
    • He’s a good family-friend(oh no, am I breaking all the rules!;)
    • HE DOESN’T KNOW I EXIST(then why are you even taking this quiz)
    • School
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    How long have you known him?

    • Like 3 months
    • Since we were babies
    • Probably since kindergarten
    • I don’t really know him
    • A year or two
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    Do you actually like him?

    • No not really, he just won’t stop staring at me
    • EWWW NO!
    • I’d rather not say
    • I LOVE HIM
    • I have a crush on him
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    Does he talk to you outside of school via. phone calls, text, email, etc? If so, how often?

    • NOPE!:(
    • He does, and like every day all day!
    • I text him, but he takes like a month to respond
    • Yea, he does like once or twice a week
    • I emailed him a year ago, no response
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    *This will not affect your score*

    • It’s okay
    • Can we just go to the next question already!
    • Not really
    • How can I tell, I haven’t gotten my results!
    • Yep! Thank you so much!
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    What is it that makes you think he likes you?

    • He’s always looking at my body-kind of creepy:|
    • He told me!(wait then why the heck am I here?)
    • He talks to me a lot, and he seems to pay attention to me
    • To be honest, I have no idea
    • He talks to me, stares at me, compliments me, hugs me, the list goes on and on
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    Has he ever complimented you?

    • Yep, he gives me a compliment a day
    • Yeah, he has, it’s not like on his to-do list but he has
    • He has never talked to me, nor looked at me
    • Umm, does saying your ugly count?
    • One time*i will never forget*
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    LAST QUESTION!*It’s done already!*

    • It’s possible
    • No I don’t think he does
    • Yea, but I’m only like 67% sure
    • Well, that’s why I’m taking this quiz
    • Yep! Yep! For sure!
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    Does he know you?

    • We’ve been classmates for a while
    • He’s like my best friend(i mean best guy friend)
    • NOPE, I don’t exist in his world
    • Maybe… I don’t know
    • He’s my friend

Does He Like Me? (For Girls Crushing On Shy Guys)

Does He Like Me? (Totally Accurate, No Kidding!)